Where is Caylee right now?

Discussion in 'Caylee Anthony 2 years old' started by MistyM, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. MistyM

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    I know this is a morbid topic.

    Assuming the detectives DID find Caylee's decomp fluids in the car and she has unfortunately passed. Assuming that she might be hidden after a death; what sort of place do you think she may be hidden? A lake? Close by home? Close by where the car was abandoned? Close to the Sawgrass apts? Close to the home Casey was supposed to move into? Out in the middle of no where?

    Using your experience in other cases as to where someone (stranger or family) might hide the little one what do you think?
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  3. ketel0ne

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    No where near any of the places she took police or left the car. Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa. Just my 2 cents.
  4. ShinaLite

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    I agree..
  5. SeriouslySearching

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    We were discussing on the thread that her tattoo could also mean "beautiful place". Someone suggested this could be one of Caylee's favorite places. I would think since she grew up at Cindy's this would be in the immediate area such as a park, lake, or place they took Caylee to play on a regular basis. Any ideas?
  6. SeriouslySearching

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    I searched all over Orlando in and around the places where Casey lived. If she moved Caylee in broad daylight...I can't find a single place where she could have taken her that she would not be seen disposing of her body. The area doesn't really have anywhere that is secluded enough for that.

    The small lakes don't seem to be a logical place because they are surrounded by houses or well traveled roads. Casey didn't have access to a boat so I don't suspect the water comes into play anyway. I don't find any little parks either. It makes no sense. Which only leaves disposing of her in a trash dumpster or such a place that she could get away with not being seen. Since she returned the shovel to the neighbor...she would have no tools to rebury her. I don't see any other way for her to dispose of Caylee. :( I hope LE will turn their attention to the dump and start searching.

    What if the "Zanny" person was helping dispose of little Caylee by taking her to the "beach" as Casey said? Could there be some truth in that statement? Could this be where the grand went she allegedly stole from Amy? It would be the last time she saw Caylee...just not alive. It would also mean that Zanny did take Caylee. She could have arranged a meeting with Zanny at that apartment complex for the purpose of exchange.
  7. websurfer

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    Well after getting a calender out and marking
    the activity of Casey,hard to understand how she physically went anywhere.
    but...she did

    I doubt we have her complete pc activity via the web pages where :confused: she left her "flaky ' messages .
    here goes what we so far have .
    By the way...this is not a timeline thing just a simple observation of June & July.
    Before I post these dates I wanted to say
    that I truely do not understand the mother {Casey} letting something happen to her child
    so close to her birthday.Also so close to the visit with the great -grandfather of Caylee & grandfather of Casey.
    I thought perhaps that somehow some emotional tie or anger is related to that visit ?
    I would like more info on the rest of the Anthony family and of Cindy's side as well.
    ok here goes please fill in lost days if you come across any.

    June 2008

    Monday 2nd Caylee in the apartment pool at Tony's Sawgrass location.Do not have ballpark time?

    Monday 9th
    Casey & Caylee move in with
    Amy Huizenga & Ricardo Morales
    { no mention of Caylee in anything i have come by on the web or otherwise.

    Thursday 12 Friday 13-Sat-14th :confused:
    Christine Chester not sure of exact date/ said she and Casey went for a walk?

    Sunday 15th
    The visit to the Senior facility where
    cindy's father lives. This is where Caylee is videotaped at a table reading a book outloud & possibly the last time she can be accounted for.

    Thursday 19th
    casey makes a few posts at MySpace & Facebook
    times; 3:57 pm & again at 9:09 pm

    Friday 20th
    Casey makes a post at 2:36pm to somebody on mySpace then later goes to the Ultra Fusion Lounge.

    Sunday the 22nd Casey does a few things
    online too times;
    11:58 am & 1:36pm also 7:36pm
    most of these are about going to UFL
    & following all the fun posting to the people she was hanging with there [ time for Caylee? } how?
    where? when?

    There may be more posts? I have not found all i do not think? As i asked above please fill in the blanks.

    now from Monday 23rd - Thursday 26th
    I could find no activity?
    So if anybody can please put where it goes in the June days here.
    ok now we come to the car.

    Friday 27th
    From online forums and all , it seems that Casey
    left the car at the Amscot lot location,calling Tony to come get her saying her father would come and get the car.
    Later we find out she leaves her purse on the front seat? I do not know if her keys were also in it/or anything else like that.

    Or the reciept for the pizza/with dates and price?

    But a paper was found with an address on it;
    I forget who it was for? I can't read my own writing.I think it was for a guy who lived across the street from the place she said ZFG lived which was empty?

    The X.

    I did not find any Pc online activity for those days?

    Monday 30th
    the car is towed from the Amscot lot

    JULY 2008
    Pc activity time: 1:46 pm
    { wonder whose computer she has been using for these JUNE & JULY posts?}

    To somebody named Troy about a cab?
    1:01 am another post to a friend

    2-5 [ Tony visits his family in NY]
    maybe longer but I found that fragmented info
    on a forum someplace ?

    most of this time stuff is actually from many many forums I saw over the last few weeks. So if they are true or to the fact, I am not sure:waitasec: just trying to define the time and posts mostly here.
    ok now we have some confusing stuff:
    here goes;
    Saturday 5th 10:12 am
    post to somebody not sure who? I think it was Tony's sister ?
    I do not know about :confused: his family I am guessing that.
    Monday 7th
    Casey posts THAT strange poem on her MySpace about power/ death/ etc.
    a thread has it here as well.

    Sunday 13th
    Casey posts at 9:34 am to a friend I think?On MySpace.

    Tuesday 15th
    the [ blank hits the fan]
    Cindy is notified of the car and all that concerns it and you know all that so no need to post it all again . This is not the movie Groundhog Day LOL.

    ok so we move on to
    Wednesday the 16th
    Casey is arrested
    and the rest is history......

    So basicaly what I wanted to do is place the
    communications via the computers she used with the clubbing and what sure seems to be
    the loss of Caylee almost immediately after the visit to the Senior facility?

    From her online communications it sure seems like she was active on the MySpace and Face Book accounts ?
    Makes me wonder where was Caylee/
    who was minding her during this time span?

    Did Caylee interfere with Casey's
    computer addiction ?

    Seems like Casey was very attached to leaving messages online.Also seems like

    it was very important to her to chat like that.

    I can not understand why people have not gone to the rag mags and want to sell their story or personal knowledge of Casey and all that.
    Usually when a high profile case hits the news people knock eachother over to be the first exclusive with a story.

    What puzzles me is the lack of attention getters in this case ?
    Could she have gone undetected that much ?
    she shopped and all so where are the clerks?
    Unless she did most of her credit shopping online?
    ok well
    if anybody can fill in some times we may be able to pinpoint some of her locations during those times?

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