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Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by Jayelles, Jan 30, 2006.

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    I thought it would be a good idea to clarify this because the BORG means different things to different people. If students of the Ramsey case are going to be able to put online opinions into a useful perspective, this needs to be cleared up!

    Basically - it depends who is using the term. If it is a fan of Star Trek, then the BORG are creatures whose thoughts have been assimilated (I'm not a trekkie so I am not an expert here). In this case, it's unlikely to be related to the Ramsey case at all and you might actually be on the wrong forum ......

    To most Ramsey case followers, BORG means "Believer of Ramsey Guilt". Put simply, the vast majority of these people have followed the case and they think the parents were involved either in the murder or the cover-up. Most are simply suspicious of the fact that it took the parents 4 months to sit down and give police the benefit of their unique witness testimony. These people may also think it is suspicious that the parents went on CNN instead of sitting down with police, that they hired PR consultants, big gun lawyers for every family member and refused polygraphs.

    Believers of Ramsey guilt are not convinced by the evidence which may point to an intruder over the evidence which could point to a parent.

    That is ..... Believer of Ramsey Guilt......

    There is another group of people who believe strongly in Ramsey innocence and to them, BORG means "Bent on Ramsey Guilt". i.e. they believe that the people who believe the Ramseys are involved in their daughter's death will never be convinced of their innocence - even that they WANT the Ramseys to be guilty. They suggest that this is because the Ramseys were rich, successful, all-American and that the BORG are jealous.

    It is possible that some people are Bent on Ramsey Guilt - even likely that some such people exist but take it from someone who has studied the Ramsey Subculture for several years - the vast majority of BORG are not "Bent" on the Ramseys being guilty at all. They are simply unconvinced of their innocence.

    Finally, there is the real hardcore of Ramsey supporters. They also say Bent on Ramsey Guilt but this is where is gets ridiculous. To this tiny group of people - who are referred to online as the RST (Ramsey SPin Team) - anyone who is NOT RST.... is BORG. The fencesitters are BORG. I have even seen evidence and lab tests referred to as BORG evidence/BORG lab tests. True... Yikes. Whatever is a BORG lab test? A test devised to make the Ramseys look guilty? BORG evidence? Evidence which is bent on making the Ramseys look guilty? It gets ridiculous, but it doesn't stop here.

    Some high ranking RSTs accuse anyone who criticises or disagrees with them personally - "BORG". Work that out! We are not talking about the Ramseys here OR JonBenet's murder but people who never knew the child or the family before the murder, don't even live in the same State. Yet these people appear increasingly unable to separate themselves from the Ramsey murder.

    So there we have it. To anyone who isn't RST, the BORG are people who believe the Ramseys are involved in the crime. To the RST, the BORG are everyone who isn't one of them. To the RST, the true meaning of BORG has morphed into one big "them" - regardless of whether that person believes in Ramsey innocence (but isn't RST), a Fencesitter who can hasn't made his/her mind up or a genuine believer of Ramsey guilt.

    Hope this is helpful :)
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