Who is attending the McCleary community meeting?

Discussion in 'Lindsey Baum' started by JenniferO, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. JenniferO

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    7pm Thursday, August 27

    Breanna and I were talking in another thread about being able to tell who was from WS or not. If you guys want to find us and introduce yourselves I would love to meet you. I have no problems if you prefer to remain anonymous so don't feel you have to introduce yourself or make yourself known.

    I'll be there Thursday night and as it stands right now I'll be there around 9 am on Friday morning.

    My av (for tonight) is a picture of me. I will change it later probably because I really don't find myself attractive enough to be an av. haha!

    I'm taking a camera and tons of fresh batteries so I can take pictures. If other WSers would like to suggest things that they want pictures of please fell free to do that here too.

    Let's bring Lindsey home! She deserves it. Her family and friends deserve it!
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  3. breanna

    breanna Let's find Lindsey

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    Thanks for the pic of yourself Jennifer! I'll be able to find you. Don't have one of myself so I'll be stopping at Costco and then Fred Meyer and will get some kind of name tag.

    I plan on being there tomorrow night and then Friday morning at 9 too. I don't know if I'll be with the ground search or at the command center at this point.

    Either way...I want to be there to help and I have time this week. I'm not a great sleuther or poster but this is something I can and will do and I'm happy to do it.

    Lindsey needs to be found. Here's to hoping that this weekend she will be brought home :praying:

    See you then!

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