Who Really Murdered the Jeff Davis 8?


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Jun 1, 2004
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Who Really Murdered the Jeff Davis 8?

New article out by Ethan Brown, Author of Queens Reigns Supreme and Snitch and Shake the Devil Off. Ethan has been a long-time follower of the unsolved murders in Jeff Davis Parish and has done extensive research on the cases.


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Dec 23, 2004
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Jennings 8: Unsolved murders haunt town, police


Their killings have gained national notoriety, often portrayed as the work of a serial killer. But police documents obtained by WWL-TV suggest a very different – and potentially more sinister – theory: that police somehow were involved in the killings.
Rumors of law enforcement involvement in the killings are not new.
A wide range of circumstances have fueled the rumors that police have blood on their hands, whether with a direct hand in the violence or by covering up the horrible acts of others.


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May 21, 2012
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I just did a story on this case if you want to listen.

Sword and Scale Episode 24

It was a really well done show, SwordandScale.

I think FR is right when he says not all the girls were murdered by the same killers (and IMO he would know because he has intimate knowledge about at least some of the deaths). When he said he didn't think the person who killed Kristen killed Ernestine and then hemmed and hawed about why he thought they were different murderers, for example, I thought to myself "yeah, cause you definitely know who murdered Kristen..."

I'd love to see "Uncle Frankie" take a lie detector test on a TV show. Dr. Phil, are you listening?

It was the first time I've heard definitively that the cause of death for Ernestine & Muggy was different than the COD for the white victims. Menard said they had "violence perpetrated upon them," which was a weird way to phrase it. But I believe Ernestine & Muggy had their throats slit & many of the white victims seem to have died from asphyxiation or strangulation, from what I gather.

FR also confirmed the rumors that teenaged Brittney Gary was being forced to work as a prostitute by her mom. So sad. :( Poor girl never had a chance.

It also seems like nearly every police chief Jennings has had in the past 20 years has had to step down.

Hoping that one day there will be justice for those Jennings residents (male and female) whose murders are unsolved.