Whodunnit - Who Key-Scratched My Car?

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    After moving to Minnesota nearly 15 years ago, I learned the hard way what so many transplants to this state already knew - "Minnesota Nice" may better be described as the name of a very dangerous cult. And cults do not like outsiders.... Do a simple search for "Minnesota Nice" online and you will quickly see what I mean. It is characterized by coldness, deceit, lack of empathy for others, two-faced behavior, a lack of basic social skills, suspicion and contempt toward outsiders, and racism/astateophobia (hatred of the homeless). The phrase you will see the most often to describe "Minnesota Nice" is "passive-aggressiveness".

    After a few years into my residency in an older building where other tenants had lived for years, new people began moving in. Every one of them was characterized by the qualities listed above - primarily passive-aggressiveness. All of them made loud and violent noise, day and night. Their violence literally shook the building. It disturbed the water in my fish tank, caused pictures on the wall to move, and it probably killed one of my guinea pigs (a young one) from fright, while continuing to terrorizing the other one.

    It also terrorized me. My landlord refused to do anything about it and blamed the victim, saying I was "hypersensitive" to noise. Since I was building a recording studio at home, I recorded 7,000 hours of ambient noise inside my apartment, time-stamped, with the waveforms mapped out on a calendar. This captured the objective data needed to make my point - the decibel levels, violence of the attack on each sound, etc. It also visually demonstrated the frequency and magnitude of the disruptions such that no rational person could accuse me of being "hypersensitive" to noise. I was being tortured and terrorized inside my own home.

    Yet the landlord continued gaslighting me, saying I'm the problem. In truth, I was the best tenant he had. Despite having a recording studio, no other tenants ever heard a sound from me. I improved his property at my own expense. I took care of my apartment, etc. I paid my rent always, and on time.

    To make a long story short, the landlord refused to enforce the relevant clauses in his lease (while enforcing others, about paying rent, etc), the police refused to enforce local noise ordinances on my behalf (though they would do it for their friends and Native Minnesotans), the city council refused to force the police to enforce the law, attorneys refused to help because it was only about having my life destroyed and would make them no money, and so on, all the way up to the governor and state attorney general's office. I had never conceived to be possible, the magnitude of laziness and sloth I witness from every level of government in Minnesota. They literally do nothing at all, while accepting paychecks.

    In the end, I was reduced to sheer terror and physical trauma whenever I even drove into our parking lot, let alone stepped into my home. I ended up living in only one room, laying in the fetal position on the floor much of the time. I could not use my kitchen (nutritious food) or my bathroom (hygeine, brushing teeth), because the noise and violence was focused on those rooms. Then, just as my corporate employee let a huge number of employees go (including me) without advanced warning, my landlord performed an illegal "constructive eviction" to get rid of me, so nobody would ever ask him to DO HIS JOB again. I had paid the man around $60,000 for that torture chamber over the years.

    I moved out, put my things in storage, and moved into a hotel. There I pursued justice, a new job, and a new home for nine months, and found none. Meanwhile, I sold off everything I had worked my life to earn for pennies on the dollar, and then began living in my car.

    There is much more to this story, and I have documented all of that on my Homeless Consultant YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmG7LaLY1NpY5Ax0fz_WTcg/videos.

    But the same theme runs throughout - if you are an outsider in Minnesota, you will likely be bullied and harassed in a passive-aggressive manner, exploited and consumed by employers, and you will receive different treatment than the Good Old Boys. One church pastor I went to for help to prevent becoming homeless not only didn't help, but joked "Maybe we'll see your stuff on Storage Wars!" as I left. That is typical of the heartless responses I have received from Minnesotans for nearly a decade now. But only off-camera. On camera Minnesotans claim to the be the nicest, kindest, most neighborly, most charitable angels in the United States - much better than YOU are, in fact. The Minnesota "news" media, which may rightfully be considered an organ of government there, flat out refuses to tell the truth.

    If you stand up to them, you will be destroyed, because this psychopathy permeates the entire state, particularly its leadership. For 1.5 years I have been working on a documentary that will make this perfectly clear.

    My life is over. My dreams are gone. My body is failing. In fact, my body is already decomposing as I live in it, in a manner of speaking: when you sit in a car for several years, large, horrible blood and pus blisters form in your upper legs, and burst forth fluid at the most inopportune moments. For what it's worth, the cult of "Minnesota Nice" murdered me - off camera. But there is no dead body. There is only a slightly animated carcass that works hard for 8 hours each day, and then sits in a freezing (down to -20 degrees) or boiling hot (over 100 degrees) car for the other 16 hours.

    Fast forward to last week, when some "nice" Minnesotan deeply key-scratched the car I live in, and call home. I have created a video entitled "Whodunnit - Who Key-Scratched My Car", which I thought Web Sleuths might find interesting. You may view that video here:

    By the way, a few of those "nice" Minnesotans subscribed to my channel so that they could be informed of new videos, then put a thumbs down on them within minutes, without even watching the video. So after 5 years of unfathomably hard work on more than 200 videos, created under conditions of duress most people will never experience, I am effectively shadow-banned on YouTube, and my videos receive only several dozen views at best.

    So if you like my video, please give it a thumbs up, to show these bullies that other people ARE hearing the truth about "Minnesota Nice". If you don't like my video, then give it a thumbs down. After all, I have only sought Truth and Justice throughout this ordeal, and I would never ask you to lie about your opinion of my video.

    And please, if anything happens to me, keep the memory of me alive. Do not allow these people to get away with this. The "news" media may protect negligent, incompetent and corrupt government. But there are other ways to spread the truth.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Paul B
    The "Homeless Consultant"

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