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    TS - Dr. Teresa Sievers - victim

    MS - Mark Sievers – husband of victim; suspect

    CWW - Curtis Wayne Wright (Wayne) – charged w 2nd degree murder of TS; close childhood friend of MS; employed as IT tech for RHHC; also suspect in Bolin case

    JR - Jimmy Rodgers - charged w 2nd degree murder of TS; friend of CWW - nicknamed "hammer"

    AL - Annie Lisa - sister of Teresa Sievers; spokesperson for TS’s family of origin

    TaySho - Taylor Shomaker - girlfriend of JR - guided LE to evidence

    AWW – Angie Wideman Wright – wife of CWW

    KM - Kathy Moran - mother of AW, mother-in-law of CWW, (KM has a younger sister, S, who was engaged to MS about 24 years ago.)

    EM - Ed Moran - husband of KM, father-in-law of CWW

    LS - Lenka Spiska - LMT, Intuologist, Medical Intuitive and Quantum Energy Healer - associate in RHHC - responsible for generating the original *** page promoted on MS's Facebook page

    GS - George Spiska - husband of Lenka

    Dr. P - Dr. Mark Petrites - discovered Teresa's body when he performed a wellness check, per MS's request

    RH - Dr. Roy Heilbron - owner of the purple truck that was parked at the Sievers' residence for a week (immediately prior to MS arrest)

    CK - Carrie Kain - childhood friend of MS who flew down to attend TS's funeral; material witness in St. of FL v. Mark Sievers

    KL - former employer of CWW with 2 sons TL, RL, and long-time family friends of MS.

    CG - Cathy Gaston - family member of TaySho quoted in press about evidence found at JR home

    SMS - Sheriff Mike Scott

    LCSO - Lee County Sheriff's Office

    FDLE - Florida Department of Law Enforcement

    SAO - State Attorney's Office

    RHHC - Restorative Health and Healing Center (name of Dr. Siever's practice)

    EP - Elizabeth Parker - defense attorney representing CWW

    LH - Lee Hollander - attorney representing MS prior to his arrest & immediately after. (no longer represents him)

    AF - Antonio Faga - attorney currently representing MS


    RB – Ronnie Bolin - Victim

    CWW – Curtis Wayne Wright (Wayne) –Suspect; brother of JW; charged with 2nd degree murder of TS

    JW – Jerry Wright - Suspect; brother of CWW

    RM – Russell Meddows (Rusty) – Suspect, brother of TM

    TM – Timothy Meddows (Tim) – Suspect, brother of RM

    DC – Detective Eugene Coombs

    JCSD - Jefferson County Sheriff's Department
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    This is a Reference Thread meant only for use so members can identify case players and reference them consistently by the corresponding acronyms.

    All of those listed may be referenced as needed in discussion, HOWEVER in NO WAY is this list to be interpreted as everyone listed is considered okay to be sleuthed, per WS Rules. Those parameters remain the same. Mods will advise of any changes as needed.

    Note: The list will be added to and updated as needed. Just a starting point right now.
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