WHY "JonBenet" HAD TO DIE?!~

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by Blazeboy3, Dec 4, 2003.

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    WHY (Oh WHY did) "JonBenet" HAVE TO DIE?!~
    http://www.dailycamera.com/bdc/state_news/article/0,1713,BDC_2419_2330424,00.html :dontknow: :nono: :mad: :eek: :confused:

    Ok...help me out here in my thinking...there is a KILLER ON THE LOOSE(child killer/monster) BUT WE FEEL/THINK THIS 10/8/2003 (less than 2 months ago?)HELLO?
    The Ramseys are friends of Kingsport businessman Don Hill, who heads up a similar organization in Kingsport, Tenn. They spoke for that group in April.

    John Ramsey said he's drawn strength from the story of Job, a prosperous man whose faith was tested after he lost his family and possessions. His story is found in the Tanach and the Old Testament.
    "He received double of everything he lost: his land, his cattle," said Ramsey who had an adult daughter who died in a car accident in 1992. "But the Scripture said he had seven sons and three daughters who died. ... God was saying Job ultimately had 20 children but 10 were with Him.

    "It was a small reference, but it made a difference to me, knowing that JonBenet is also safe and at peace with God."

    Patsy Ramsey said it was hardest for her to understand why JonBenet died.

    "Until this happened, I never understood when the Bible says 'to live is Christ and to die is gain.'"

    She said she looks forward to being reunited with her daughter in heaven.

    ... IMHO this is "brainwashing ONESELF(TWO FOR THAT MATTER!)!"
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    ///...FWIW IMHO Walter Davis' book (2003) couldn't have been more clearer as in what happened(truth:for those who can handle truth?)(!)

    An Evening with JonBenet Ramsey: A Play and Two Essays by Walter A. Davis (Xlibris, 2003): Davis, Professor Emeritus in the English Department at Ohio State University, does not mince words in his essays on the case. Before JonBenet was a murder victim, she was a victim of chronic sexual abuse, both physical and psychological. Davis, with erudite writing, debunks both prevailing theories about how the 6-tear-old beauty princess came to die: death was no accident and no intruder was involved. To Davis, the preponderance of the evidence points to Patsy Ramsey as the murderer in retaliation for the intimacies her husband John Ramsey took with JonBenet. "A sexualized child is at the center of this tale," Davis writes. "Sex is here the key to everything." In the play, Cowboy’s Sweetheart, Davis imagines the life of a child who was murdered by her mother as it might have evolved if she had lived.
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