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Jan 20, 2004
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Missing Person: Amos K. Mortier



Name: Amos K. Mortier

Date of Birth:

Date Missing:

From City/State:
Fitchburg, WI

Age at Time of Disappearance:





Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Identifying Characteristics:
Scar above right eye. Glasses with brown frames.

Believed to have been wearing a brown carhardt hooded jacket,
blue jeans, canvas type hiking shoes, and a baseball hat.

Contact: Fitchburg Police at (608) 270-4300

A note from his friends:

Body: Pictures: http://www.ackery.com/archives/images/amos2.bmp

Amos Mortier was last seen on November 8th, 2004, at Madison Area Technical College. All of his personal belongings,
including his wallet, keys, a cell phone, and his car were found at his house in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. His dog was found wandering alone on the evening of November 9th, missing its collar. Amos's friends and family spent all of last week searching the cornfields and marshes around his house, but no sign of him has been found.
The media has basically stopped covering his disappearance, so at this point, we're concentrating on putting up flyers with his
picture and spreading the word in the hopes that someone has some information or has seen Amos. We need all the help we can get, so if you'd like to be part of a flyering effort, please email kristinryan@wisc.edu. I'll email you a PDF of a flyer, or if you don't
have a printer, I'll mail you flyers to hang up. At this point, Amos could be anywhere, so it doesn't matter if you don't live near
Wisconsin- we still want to spread the word. If you have any information about Amos's disappearance, or if you think you've
seen him, please call the Fitchburg Police at (608) 270-4300.

Any help that anyone could provide would be appreciated. Amos is a good person, and his family and friends miss him very much
and are desperate to get him back home safe. Please help.
Kelly Jolkowski, Mother of Missing Jason Jolkowski
President and Founder,
Project Jason
Missing One Month

Tue 12-07-2004 , 6:08 pm

Billboard, Web sites devoted to finding information about Fitchburg's Amos Mortier, 27.

Wednesday marks one month since a Fitchburg man disappeared. Now friends and family of Amos Mortier have shifted their search to the Internet, and the highway.
Early Tuesday morning, Adams Outdoor Advertising put up a billboard free of charge. It's on the Beltline, eastbound between Park Street and Fish Hatchery Road. It reads: ''Please help us find Amos Mortier.'' To the left and right are photographs of Mortier, one with a beard, one without.

The sign also directs people with any information about Mortier's whereabout to call Fitchburg Police, or visit a newly created Web site at:

The site allows users to download and print flyers about Mortier. One page allows you to write anonymous tips or notes to Mortier's mother. ''If anybody has, you know, five minutes to print a flyer off a website and hang it up, that might be the flyer that leads us to the information that brings us home,'' says site co-creator Kritisn Ryan.

Ryan's boyfriend was friends with Mortier. She participated in an exhaustive search around Mortier's Fitchburg home last month. That search failed to find him.

''Amos isn't just some story that disappears when the TV turns off,'' added Ryan. ''He's a real person. He's a human being. He has friends who love him and a family who loves him and a dog who loves him.''

Benefit For Missing Man

Fri 12-10-2004

Friends from music scene hold out hope on Amos Mortier

On Friday, December 17, a night club show of electronic music will be staged to benefit the search efforts for missing Fitchburg man, Amos Mortier.
''The night will be about our friend, and the music Amos liked,'' said deejay and close friend Brent Delser. The benefit will take place at Inferno Club in the Town of Burke. Proceeds from the benefit show of deejays and live acts will go to Mortier's mother, who has assisted in search efforts.

Mortier was last seen November 8. Authorities have searched in the wooded, marshy areas around Mortier's rented Fitchburg home, on Mortier's 35 acres of undeveloped land in Grant County, and at a landfill near the Fitchburg residence.

Friends say Mortier had sound equipment and dabbled as a deejay, or 'spinner.' Delser said Mortier had to cancel plans to attend one of their favorite musical acts because of other obligations just days before his disappearance. Delser said there were no red flags in Mortier's life. ''It's a mystery to me. It kills me that I can't come up with anything. I just don't have a clue what could have happened to him. I couldn't think of one person that has ever met him that doesn't love him.''

Mortier lived alone with his dog in the rented, twenty eight hundred square foot, custom home on Lacy Road. Mortier, 27, is a student at Madison Area Technical College, works as an electrician, and makes and sells jewlery. A spokeswoman for Mortier's landlord told 27 News Mortier has been a model tenant. The spokeswoman said Mortier paid his more than $1500 monthly rent from a business account called ''Coat of mani colors.''

Mortier has been involved with a Milwaukee-based environmental group and e-mails from 2003 indicate he considered selling his Grant County land to encourage plots of organic farming.

I'm wondering if when it begins thawing out in the area if any evidence of this man will show up.
Mom seeks help in finding son
Says he may have memory disorder

By Steven Elbow
June 20, 2005
While police have said they believe a man missing since November is dead, his mother believes he is alive and possibly living with a mental disorder that left him without his memory.

Margie Milutinovich sent out an e-mail request today for anyone who may be attending a music festival, art fair, energy fair or any other gathering to bring along posters of her son, Amos Mortier.

Milutinovich's call for help comes after a nurse at a recent music festival spotted a poster of Mortier and recognized him as a man she had treated about two hours earlier. Two other nurses also believed that Mortier was the man who came in for treatment.

The e-mail message did not say when or where the festival was, and Milutinovich could not be reached for comment.

"I have to find Amos," she wrote. "I think about him being hurt and homeless every waking moment of my day and night. I have a bag by the door ready to hop a plane at a moment's notice when I get that phone call."

Copies of a flyer with photographs of Mortier can be accessed online atfindamos.com, and other materials can be obtained by e-mailing Milutinovich from the Web site.

In April, Fitchburg and Dane County detectives working on Mortier's disappearance said they held out little hope he remained alive. Police Chief Thomas Blatter said the investigation was likely turning into a homicide investigation and that his disappearance was probably linked to some sort of illegal drug activity.

Officers working on the case were not available for comment today.

Mortier, 28, was last seen on Nov. 8 at the MATC campus. Mortier was studying botany and ecology and wanted to become an organic farmer, his mother said at the time.

Friends later found doors at his home at 5078 Lacy Road open, his two cars in the driveway, his backpack in one of them. His dog was later found in the neighborhood.

In 2001, Mortier pleaded no contest to drug possession for a 1996 incident in which he sold $50 worth of psilocybin mushrooms to an undercover officer.

The man that the nurse treated told her he was having problems with his memory and that he was having trouble understanding things. He also appeared to have injuries to his face.

"Other statements that she made about this person I would definitely associate with Amos," she wrote.

Milutinovich said in the message that she believes her son may be suffering from dissociative fugue, a mental disorder that, like amnesia, strips victims of their memories, leaving them with a new identity.

A Crivitz man last year had been diagnosed with the same malady after he was missing for over three months. When he was found in an Iowa community, he had no recollection of his previous family life and did not recognize his own sons.

"I am asking if you attend a music festival, energy fair, art fair...any event anywhere this summer, could you possibly please put up some flyers for Amos?" Milutinovich wrote.

Here is a great article with A LOT of information regarding Amos and possible scenarios. It was on the front page of the Ishtmus, it's a PDF but it's totally worth reading!!! I really hope he will be found safe!

Bumping for Amos! Where'd you go Amos? I pray your family finds an answer soon!

Police Still Looking For Leads

November 7, 2005
By Angela Bettis,

FITCHBURG, Wis. -- Family and friends of Amos Mortier are using the one-year anniversary of his disappearance as a way to spark renewed interest in the case.

A group will meet near the original search site at 5078 Lacy Road Tuesday at 3 p.m.

They're hoping community members will come to help them piece together the events from one year ago.

Mortier disappeared one year ago Tuesday. His family is still waiting for news of his whereabouts.

Mortier was last seen on the MATC campus.

His home was found unlocked with the stereo still on and his dog wandering without its collar.

Fitchburg police say their investigation leads them to believe Mortier was murdered and that the homicide was drug- related.

They say even one year later the case is still very active and that the Halbach case could help.

"We're hoping that it will serve as a reminder to people that it can occur anywhere and that Amos is still missing," said Det. Todd Stetzer. We're still looking for information. We do believe there are people in the area that have information and we ask them to come forth with it."

A massive search for Mortier ensued in the days and months after his disappearance.

Family and friends then put up billboards and created a Web site.

On the Web site, Mortier's mother, Margie Milutnovich, asks for help beyond police.

She said it's incredibly hard not to get any information about your missing child for a year. She goes on to note that a private investigator is pursuing the case and still finding information.

She writes, "I still feel very hopeful that Amos is alive and out there and that we will all laugh with him again."

"There's a lot of information that continues to come in," said Stetzer. "The detectives are very busy following up on the leads. There's nothing new that we can release at this time. However, there is continual work that is being done on the case."

Anniversary remembrance of Amos Mortier

3 pm, 11/8, 5078 Lacy Rd. Also: Special gathering at the Inferno, 9 pm, 11/8, with DJs Ablaze, Anonymous, Deviant & NeeHigh. Free. 347-7363
Web: http://www.findamos.com
Email: milut@mailbag.com

Missing Amos Mortier

We believe that Amos is out there, if you do too...please join us and be part of our hope that Amos will be sharing music and conversation with everyone soon.

November 8, 2005
You are invited to:

Mark a year that we have had to walk each day without the
companionship of Amos:
my son,
a brother,
a grandson,
a nephew,
and a friend.

A Gathering of Hope, Faith, and Strength
Please join us at the search site
Location: by 5078 Lacy Rd.
Time: 3:00 p.m.

I know that you have information that you want to tell
me but you want your identity to remain anonymous.
You will completely remain anonymous by mailing
your information to my personal post mailbox.

The police do not have access to this box.
I had this mailbox before my son went missing:

2701 University Ave.
PMB 382
Madison, WI 53705

The flyers do work to help find my son. Staffed nurses at a very large music festival believe that Amos came into their medic tent two hours prior to them seeing his flyer posted, then they called us. If you could please take flyers to any festivals, fairs, summer events that you are going to we would appreciate that.

Please download and print flyers (milut@mailbag.com), and read about a man from Crivitz, WI who snapped into a form of amnesia called Disassociative Fugue. He was experiencing this at the same time of Amos' disappeared. He was missing many months when luckily someone helped him figure out that he was a missing person with a different name.

If you need flyers or billboard cards, please contact: milut@mailbag.com

Any help is greatly appreciated.
What is the deal with the police over there? They supposedly have evidence that he was murdered, but they won't share it with his family? What is wrong with them? You would think that with two full time officers working on the case they could find SOMETHING...
Such a handsome young man-he reminds me a lot of my oldest son. I live in TN not far from where Bonnaroo was held-I will post his pics here in case he is still in this area...

Hey Guys,
I found this NEW article regarding Amos Mortier that gives us more of an idea about whats going on with his case.

Previously sealed court documents released to 27 News show missing MATC student Amos Mortier intended to confront an acquaintance over a $90,000 apparent drug debt, just before Mortier disappeared in November, 2004.

snippet:Search warrant records indicate friction had developed between Mortier and at least one person involved with Mortier in an apparent marijuana drug ring. A search warrant complaint states Mortier friend Brent Delzer told authorities Mortier was owed $90,000 by Jacob Stadfeld for marijuana Mortier had "fronted" Stadfeld to sell. Documents state Destin Lane, described as a "mentor" to Mortier, told authorities that during a weekend lunch with Mortier shortly before his disappearance, Mortier said he wanted to confront Stadfeld over the debt, despite being afraid of Stadfeld.

Search warrant records show Stadfeld's Madison home and van were searched, as well as property near his mother's home in Mauston. The seized items included three, spent shotgun shells from the rural property.


In an April 19, 2005 interview with detectives, records state Stadfeld "admitted to selling large quantities of marijuana for Amos Mortier. The marijuana was coming from Canada via New York." Records show authorities received a search warrant to examine phone records traced to Ottawa, Ontario. Records also state a phone number called by Stadfeld on the day after Mortier's disappearance was also involved in a Drug Enforcement Agency federal investigation. Search warrant documents state the number connected to a member of a motorcyle club affiliated with the Hell's Angels.


I hope so much that find him, I feel so awful for his family.

Amos' mother has fought so hard. I think her perspective is that the cops decided early on that this was drug-related and therefore did not give this case the appropriate attention.

I hope this helps her...
Amos's mother emailed me once. I think she told me she believes her son's disappearance was not drug-related; she thinks he has amnesia and is alive somewhere wondering who he is.

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