Identified! WI - Barron Co, Skeletal, found in Woodlot, Maple Grove, 3 Dec 2017 - Gary Albert Herbst

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    Man killed by wife and son; they claimed he left in 2013 and never returned

    A mother and son have been charged in the killing of the woman's husband and son's father, who had been missing for four years when a dog was found chewing on a human skull with a bullet hole in it in western Wisconsin in 2017.
    Prior to his disappearance and death, Herbst lived with his wife and son in Elko New Market, a community south of the Twin Cities in Scott County. His wife, Connie L. Herbst, now 62 years old and living in New Prague, informed police in July 2013 that her husband had come home, packed a bag and took $5,000 in cash before leaving without his cellphone.

    Neither she nor their son, Austin J. Herbst, now 26 years old, had seen Gary since he allegedly left that day in July 2013.
    This past June, police confronted Connie about a title for Gary's 2003 Chevy Impala, which had been sold in Wisconsin in 2017 – four years after he went missing – with Gary's signature on the new title. Connie claimed that Gary routinely pre-signed his vehicle titles, also pre-dating them, according to the criminal complaint.

    During the investigation, officers interviewed neighbors from their New Market residence. One interviewee recalled the date of Aug. 30, 2013, when the Herbsts held a garage sale and were selling Gary's tools and clothing. The interviewee then recalled that sometime before the garage sale they saw a black truck backed up to the sliding glass door on the grass at the Herbst home, something they had never seen before.

    The witness then told investigators that Connie and Austin were "loading something in the back of the pickup, possibly rolled up carpeting," the charging document says. They then left with a boat hooked the back of the truck and were gone 1-3 days. After that, the interviewee never saw Gary again.

    Another neighbor told investigators a similar story about seeing Connie and Austin placing a rolled up carpet into the bed of Gary's truck, also claiming to have seen them scrubbing the basement floor. They, too, never saw Gary again.
    A few months later the Herbsts sold their home in Elko New Market.

    The new homeowners were contacted by Scott County deputies and the Minnesota BCA Forensic Science Laboratory on June 29, 2020. They granted permission to have their home searched, and informed investigators that while remodeling their basement in 2019 they "discovered a stain on the concrete floor that seemed unusual," the complaint says.

    A chemical test revealed the stain to be from human blood – and a cadaver dog indicated the presence of human decomposition near the sliding glass door in the basement.

    The blood at the home did not match Gary's profile, the complaint says, and all other blood samples had "insufficient genetic information to make a statement regarding DNA."

    Meanwhile, a staff member at Gary's former employer, RL Tool in Bloomington, informed police that Gary abruptly stopped showing up for work after July 8, 2013.
    Furthermore, the complaint documents text exchanges between Connie and Austin from this past July, where Connie wrote to Austin: "Might have a problem, they are searching 347. Don’t mean to f*** up your vacation just wanted u to know. It’s in the paper."

    Both Connie and Austin Herbst have been charged with one count of aiding and abetting second-degree intentional murder.

    Charges: Wife, son killed man in 2013 and claimed he left and didn't return

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    So there was human blood - and presumably large-ish quantity since the new owners remembered the stain. But the blood wasn’t the murdered man’s....

    Sooo did the wife and son kill someone else? Did Gary kill someone at one point? Did the blood belong to the son or wife from an abuse incident? This factoid just throws More confusion into the mix!
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    I wouldn’t be tremendously surprised either if the paper wrote ‘Gary’ instead of ‘Austin’, or put a ‘not’ in the sentence that they didn’t intend.
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    There is a new articles and a few new details have been revealed, interestingly:
    “Gary Herbst was killed seven years ago on July 6 at his home in Elko New Market, according to charging documents.

    His dead body remained in the home for several weeks before Connie and Austin allegedly disposed of his body in the western area of Barron County in Wisconsin”

    “... Upon searching the home later that month, which currently belongs to new owners, where the alleged murder took place, investigators found indications of human decomposition and evidence of blood in the basement and garage, the outlet reported.
    Neighbors reportedly told detectives during that same visit, that they remember the mother and son rolling up what appeared to be a carpet into the back of a pickup truck in 2013 and leave for 1-3 days, the outlet reported.

    The pair had allegedly held a garage sale selling mostly men's clothing and various tools a few weeks later, neighbors told police”
    “The investigation unraveled, and detectives learned that Gary Herbst had been missing since 2013 –– but a police report wasn't filed until a year later, when one of his sons, who is unrelated to the case, was trying to contact his father, the outlet reported”

    Man Found in Wisconsin Woods Identified, Mother and Son Charged With Aiding and Abetting His Murder
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