GUILTY WI - Cha Vang, 30, found murdered, Peshtigo Harbor, 5 Jan 2007

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    GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- A Hmong hunter has been found dead in a wildlife area in a case that is stirring memories of a mass shooting that exposed racial tensions.

    Cha Vang, 30, of Green Bay, was found dead Saturday morning, a night after he was reported missing in the Peshtigo Harbor Wildlife Area in northeastern Wisconsin. Investigators have not said how they believe he died but said they are treating the case as a homicide. An autopsy is planned for Monday.

    Authorities detained a 28-year-old Peshtigo man, James Nichols, who showed up at a medical center Saturday with a gunshot wound that wasn't life-threatening, said Laurel Steffes, a spokeswoman for the Marinette County Sheriff's Department. He is considered a person of interest but was being held on a parole violation from an unrelated burglary conviction and had not been charged in Vang's death, she said.
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