WI - Christopher Nelson for child pornography, New Holstein, 2011

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    I'm ashamed to say I must have missed this guy. A superintendent no less....and pursuing his sick lust while on the taxpayer's dime.


    Former New Holstein schools head Nelson convicted for possession of child pornography
    March 8, 2012

    "Former New Holstein School District Administrator Christopher J. Nelson has pleaded no contest to one count of possessing child pornography, and has been convicted of the charge...."


    "....Nelson was found to have child pornography on one of several flash drives in his district office, according to prosecutors. Nelson was fired from his job in New Holstein in March 2011. Nelson was sentenced in June 2011 in Milwaukee County Circuit Court to five years in prison for attempting to arrange a sexual encounter with someone he thought was a 15-year-old boy...."


    "...A Milwaukee police detective had responded to Nelson's Craigslist ad seeking sex, leading to months of graphic online chats and finally a plan to meet up during Nelson's district-funded trip...."

    More at link (plus mugshot)
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