AMBER ALERT WI - Elijah Vue, 3 year old Elijah Vue, Two Rivers, 20 Feb 2024

Release Date: February 24, 2024, 8:35 PM
(Update #2)

In order to maximize the resources offered to us, law enforcement will continue our search efforts on land and water throughout the night.

Ben Meinnert
Chief of Police
Is it unusual for the two suspects to share a defense attorney?
IMO yes. I looked up Manitowoc County's public defenders on the state website and there's more than just the one they have, it looks like there are 4 assistant PDs under her. I've never seen two people charged for the same incident have the same PD in my town and there are only four public defenders for my county and the next county over. It could be that they were initially assigned to the same PD and later one or the other will be assigned a different one since it is still early in the case. It seems like, for now at least, their cases are joined and they're being charged together since the bail hearing happened at the same time. Maybe that's why they have the same attorney? Even in that circumstance, though, the defendants usually get separate ones as it seems like most times when two people are charged for the same thing they blame each other.
UPDATED: Feb 24, 2024 10:05 PM CST

Vue's uncle, OV, said the family was mentally and emotionally drained, but added it they were drawing energy from seeing strangers organize their own searches and encouraging messages they've received from around the U.S. and beyond.


OV said his family hadn't seen Elijah since the boy was at most six months old. Vue said the family was withholding judgement on Baur until they learned more.

"We're not gonna rule anything out," he said. "But we're not gonna just come out and put blame on one particular person and say they did this or that when nobody really knows anything yet."

Both of them having the same PD definitely seems like a conflict of interest. Like someone else noted there are 4 PDs in that county, and even if there weren’t they could pull one from a neighboring county. I’m not sure if WI has 18b attorneys that can also be assigned when there is a conflict of interest with the PDs office. Even if you use the theory that they were both assigned the same PD until one will get a different one assigned later that would still look like a conflict of interest to me (due to us having conversations about the case pertaining to me etc), if I was the person who no longer had that PD I’d use it to my advantage.
Co-defendants in a criminal case likely have information about the other defendant that can be detrimental to their case and will oftentimes “flip” on their codefendant. It can be difficult for an attorney to represent both codefendants competently and diligently as required. The American Bar Association advises against representing co-defendants, but there is no general law forbidding it

*(A confession)/(An admission) may not be considered by you against any defendant other than the person who made the confession/admission
This Special Material is intended to implement decisions of the Wisconsin Supreme Court requiring that the trial court make an inquiry when facts indicate a potential conflict of interest on the part of defense counsel.

. . we will require trial courts to conduct an inquiry whenever the same attorney or law firm represents more than one defendant in the same criminal case. The court should inquire of the defendants and their attorney at the arraignment as to the possibility for actual conflicts of interest
Maybe the sharing defense is just until they have more evidence/information that allows them to add charges. Is it correct that Vang is being looked at with a higher charge at this time because KB left Elijah in his care? The 72 hours they can hold anyone without charges came up so they had to get them charged and booked with the neglect charges quickly. It looked like everyone was in separate rooms on video call. Imo I see them having separate charges and having.separate defense eventually.

Unusual to search through night after so many days. I hope they have success soon.
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BREAKING NEWS: There is a police presence on Manitou Dr. and the bridge is blocked off to traffic in Shoto. It’s not known if it’s related to the search for missing three-year-old Elijah Vue.

There's also some caution tape that can be seen.

Two Rivers Police Department posted on Facebook Saturday that they'd be searching through the night.
Release Date: February 24, 2024, 8:35 PM
(Update #2)

In order to maximize the resources offered to us, law enforcement will continue our search efforts on land and water throughout the night.

Ben Meinnert
Chief of Police
I find it very interesting that they said they'd search land and water overnight (which is unusual because it's hard to see in the dark and they usually take a break from water searches overnight), and now they have a bridge blocked off. It's making me think they had a huge lead and felt compelled to keep at it. I have a feeling they knew exactly where to search. This isn't sounding good for that poor, sweet boy. I hope against all hope it has a happy ending but I'm not thinking this one will, unfortunately. :(
The deputy and Sheriff’s Department’s shift commander could not release any information. The roadway is currently closed between Johnston Drive and North 8th Street.

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This is the second such closure today, as deputies were in Shoto, where the bridge on Manitou Drive was closed off.

*Don't give up : Elijah Vue's family continues to search for the three year old
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“She intentionally sent that child for disciplinary reasons for more than a week to the residence,” Jacalyn Labre, district attorney for Manitowoc County, told the court. “She was aware of the tactics used and the lack of care provided. This was an intentional thing by her.”

Police also say that there has been a “fake video” showing the recovery of a minor by officers, but that the video does not depict Elijah.

As a result, officers are warning the public not to fall victim to financial scams surrounding the case.
Two Rivers Police Continue the Search for Elijah Overnight

People who are continuing to search are asked to respect the private property of others and only search in public areas.
An extremely short update from LE less than 10 min ago. Nothing new IMO.

I’m just gonna quote it for posterity.

Release Date: February 25, 2024, 12:05 PM

Our search efforts continued throughout last night and will continue today on our city rivers. Thank you to the Door County/Sturgeon Bay Dive Team and the Green Bay Dive Team for further assisting last night with the efforts already in place by Wings of Hope and NorthStar.

We have also resumed our neighborhood canvass and continue to follow up on all leads and tips.

Remember to call our tip line at 844-267-6648 or submit information via our Crime Stoppers P3 app with any information you think could be helpful. Callers with information leading to the location of Elijah, or arrest of person(s) involved in or responsible for his disappearance could become eligible to receive a reward of up to $1000.00 through Manitowoc County Crime Stoppers.

Ben Meinnert
Chief of Police

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