WI - Gilbert Grant, 2, repeatedly beaten to death, Two Rivers, 26 April 2019 *Arrests*

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    Rena Santiago, 27, appeared in Manitowoc County Court July 15 for a preliminary hearing. Santiago waived her right to the hearing and a judge bound her over for trial.

    Santiago is charged in the death of her two-year-old son Gilbert A. Grant II.

    Gilbert died April 26 after enduring repeated beatings over an eight-month period.

    Santiago's roommates, David R. Heiden and Bianca M. Bush, are also charged in the child's death.

    On April 26, police were called to 2110 E. River St in Two Rivers for a report of a two-year-old boy who was not conscious and not breathing. Crews arrived to find the boy with no pulse and cool to the touch. He was pronounced dead. He had large bruises on his forehead, cheeks, face, legs, buttocks, back feet and arms.

    David Heiden told detectives about months of abuse inflicted on Gilbert Grant. Heiden admitted to treating the boy "poorly." When asked why, he responded, "he's not my kid ... I didn't care."

    Heiden said Bush was "the worst" to Gilbert and that she would "lose it on him like five times an hour." Heiden said he had seen Bush spank Gilbert about 50-to-60 different occasions. She would sometimes spank him up to 15 times per occasion, Heiden said. He also witnessed her hit the child in the face, chest and head. He said Bush would throw bottles and toys at Gilbert.

    Heiden says the boy's mother, Rena Santiago, would do the same things Bush did but "not as frequently." Heiden saw Santiago hit and spank her son and throw bottles and toys at him. The mother was also seen shoving her fingers in the boy's mouth to make him gag.

    Investigators also found signs of older injuries to the abdominal area and small bowel.

    Rena Santiago's arraignment hearing is scheduled for Aug. 15.

    Bianca Bush has a "plea date" scheduled for Aug. 16.

    David Heiden has a "plea date" scheduled for Aug. 8.


    Two Rivers mom bound over for trial in son's death
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    Gilbert Anthony Grant Jr.

    APRIL 21, 2017 – APRIL 26, 2019

    "It is with great sadness we share the unexpected passing of our little Gilbert Anthony Grant, Jr. on Friday, April 26, 2019 at the age of two.

    Gilbert was born on April 21, 2017 in Edinburg, Texas to Rena Leann Santiago and Gilbert Anthony Grant. During his too short time here in Edinburg, Gilbert lit up the lives and hearts of those around him. He always gave the best hugs and kisses to anyone who asked, and his little belly laugh was infectious and would light up your soul when you heard him. He loved watching Curious George and would stop what he was doing whenever he heard the movie’s music.

    His favorite Super Hero was Spiderman and when picking up toys, he always went for his Spiderman ball. Gilbert would attend ‘ia Angelique’s band competitions with his Grandma and band music always caught his attention. He liked to be outside and play with his dinosaurs. He and Callie, the cat, were best friends and inseparable when together; he loved to chase Callie through his Grandma’s house. Gilbert was his Grandma’s “Love Bug” and the love was mutual as Gilbert’s eyes would light up as he ran toward her whenever he saw her....

    In lieu of flowers, the family requests if you suspect child abuse or endangerment, please don’t wait or give up when contacting authorities. See something, say something; you may be the only voice a child has."

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    On Nov. 7, David Heiden pleaded guilty to Physical Abuse of a Child, Repeated Acts Causing Death. Four additional charges (Physical Abuse of a Child, Repeated Acts Causing Bodily Harm; Chronic Neglect of a Child; Possession of THC; and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia) were dismissed but read into the record, according to Manitowoc County District Attorney Jacalyn LaBre.
    Heiden's sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 21, 2020.

    Bianca Bush has a status hearing scheduled for Dec. 9.

    Rena Santiago has a plea hearing scheduled for Jan. 9.

    Man pleads guilty to Two Rivers child death
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    What? Unfathamobile. Three grown a** adults and all used this baby as a punching bag?

    Mom's first arraignment? Had to be postponeduntil she gave birth to her baby girl.

    ome lunatic with a very unusual name threatened them all at the eharing. Actually looked at the guys FB and ummm.

    This poor baby. Can't imagine his pain.
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