GUILTY WI - James Perry for series of rapes, Madison, 2004

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    Midwestern 'Mall Rapist' Lived Double Life :doh: :bang:

    March 4, 2005 — He was known as "The Mall Rapist," and over five years James Perry committed dozens of sexual attacks against children and young women. He stalked girls in the malls and shopping center parking lots, meticulously planning when and where to attack, specializing in petite young women working alone in strip malls and shopping centers around Madison, Wis. (con't thru pg.4 at link)
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    DateLine or 20/20 just did a story on him and interviewed his wife last week.

    THANK GOD he is locked up FOREVER!!!

    Calling this guy a ******* would be too nice!!
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    NOT blaming parents here - just a word of caution . . . the mall is NOT a daycare facility. Parents should NEVER drop their kids off there to shop, see a movie, eat, hang out with friends, etc. Perps LOVE malls because while kids are shopping, perps are shopping for kids. If your kids want to go to the mall with friends - fine - but walk a few steps behind them and keep your eyes on them

    (climbing off my soap box now). ;)
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    MADISON — After FBI agents arrested pedophile, rapist and child pornographer James Perry at his Stoughton home in early 2004, it took two long hours to persuade a scared 8-year-old victim that she could reveal the secret she had kept for more than three years.

    Later, the little girl’s mother cuddled her daughter to sleep whispering, “I’m so sorry,” through the night.

    Perry befriended and then sexually abused the girl and her friends, at least twice inviting another man to join him.

    Perry, now 35, is in a West Virginia federal prison. He was sentenced to 375 years. The girl, now 10, and Perry’s other victims, continue to be grist for the Internet pedophilia mill.

    He took photos and videos of the assaults and posted them online, so they probably continue to be traded or downloaded — and may be forever.

    Reports of adults collecting and trading sexual images of children is increasing exponentially, federal statistics indicate.

    So far in 2005, new FBI cases of child sexual exploitation on the Internet have increased by more than 2,026 percent since 1996, according to the bureau’s Innocent Images National Initiative.

    Pornography is the most prevalent form of reported exploitation.

    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that child pornography tips make up more than 90 percent of reports filed with its CyperTipline, a Web site it runs in cooperation with the FBI.

    Just during the week of Nov. 14, tipsters filed 2,923 reports of child pornography out of 3,102 total exploitation reports.


    A Pandora’s box

    Eric Szatkowski, a Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation agent, said

    he sees the same images

    over and over in collections of perpetrators, known as “traders.”

    The department expects to arrest more than 100 child porn users statewide in 2005.

    “It’s an epidemic,” he said. “The Internet has opened Pandora’s box to some of the most evil images people could ever imagine seeing.”

    The Internet is a cheap, quick and relatively safe way for pedophiles to satisfy their desire, said Tom Trier, head of Madison’s FBI office. They retrieve images from Web sites, bulletin boards, newsgroups, chat rooms, messaging programs, e-mail and peer-to-peer file sharing programs.

    Madison police Detective Maureen Wall said some perpetrators use cell phones to capture images of children at places such as malls or fund-raising car washes, then upload them to the Internet for other pedophiles, even though they don’t involve nudity.

    “They are always sharing and swapping images,” she said.

    Investigators say they don’t have near enough people doing the time-consuming computer forensics — recovering deleted images or viewing stored files of child pornography.

    Without a way to remove the images from the Internet, the problem will never go away.

    “Before the Internet, these child pornographers were working alone, going to seedy bookstores, maybe getting mail orders of different illegal magazines,” Szatkowski said. “But now it’s just exploded. ... I don’t know if law enforcement will ever get a handle on this problem.”


    No closure

    Perry pleaded guilty to federal and state charges related to assaults on children and a slew of attacks on women in the Madison area that led to him being dubbed the “Mall Rapist.”

    The mother of the 8-year-old victim said her family has moved to another state because facing other children Perry abused was too difficult for the little girl.

    She knows their secret, and they know hers.

    The mother, whom the Wisconsin State Journal is not naming to protect her and her daughter’s identities, said she can’t face the Internet images yet.

    She doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to face them. Right now, there’s no computer in the house, and she said she’ll try to keep one from her child as long as possible.

    The girl knew she was being recorded, but she doesn’t fully understand why, said her mother. She wishes her daughter would never have to know.

    Dr. Richard Loewenstein, a national expert on childhood trauma, said victims of childhood rape never get closure when that abuse is photographed or videotaped.

    “You don’t have any control over what’s happened,” he said. “I have cases where the perpetrator told the victim, ‘We have your pictures and if you tell anyone, those pictures are going to turn up on your father’s door.’”


    Much more, and I probably copied too much already :doh:
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    I posted this on another thread, but in case some of you don't see it there, this is a good article for those of you with children. Well, I think it is, in my opinion. ;)

    Parents must monitor use of computers

    Some television stations on the East Coast still begin their nightly news broadcast with the decades-old public ser-vice announcement: “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are?”
    In the age of the computer, a better question for parents is, “Do you know where your children are going online?”

    Too many kids are providing too much personal information online. The information plays right into the hands of stalkers, sex offenders and other criminals. And too few parents are fulfilling their responsibility to protect their children from harm. Parents simply must monitor their children’s computer use.

    Numbers are sobering

    Consider these statistics from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. In the past year:

    - 1 in 5 teens received a sexual solicitation over the Internet.

    - 1 in 33 were aggressively solicited online. In those cases, a solicitor asked to meet them, call them, or send mail or gifts.

    - 1 in 4 had unwanted exposure to pictures of naked people or sexual activity over the Internet.

    - 1 in 17 were threatened or harassed over the Internet.

    Those statistics should frighten every parent with a computer in the house. False sense of security

    Youngsters in this community — like teens across America — have discovered online chat rooms where they feel safe meeting new friends, exchanging information and just hanging out.

    They might not realize they are providing sensitive information to sexual predators looking for a next victim.

    It can, and does, happen in this community.

    Detective Jason Glantz of the Washington State Patrol’s Missing and Exploited Children Task Force said a Washington teenage girl recently traded names, addresses and other private information with a person she thought was another teen. It turned out to be a man, and when the online relationship turned sour, the cyber-stalker threatened to kill the girl and her family.

    A 42-year-old Olympia man was arrested for trying to meet a teen at a local shopping center. He was not aware the person he was corresponding with was a police officer posing as a teen. The man admitted that he had made a similar arrangement over the Internet with another girl. He had sexual contact with that girl. ( :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: )

    Of particular concern right now is a teen chat room called, where teens from 14 to 22 play games, visit chat rooms and create their own Web page for networking and blogging.


    Lynch warned parents about, saying naive young people are ill-equipped to recognize the threat that cyberspace predators employ to trap their teens.

    Parent Lisa Gosiaco of Tenino forced her daughter to abandon her Web site.

    “The issue was that people were stumbling into pornography just a click or two away from my kids’ sites,” Gosiaco said. “I was absolutely shocked.”

    Many parents might be shocked at the amount of personal information their children have unwittingly given to others.

    There’s only one way to find out. Parents have to closely monitor their children’s computer use.

    Put the computer in the family room where there is lots of activity. Install parental controls. Use passwords. Monitor the sites visited by teens.

    To those parents who feel that prying is spying, go back and read again the statistics on the number of teens who have been sexually solicited, harassed or exposed to pornography online.
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    I used to belong to a website called It is a screen saver, photography site, it was great and I loved it. I was looking through the site one day in the community photos. What I saw gave me the willies. Kids in diapers, kids in casts, kids in shoes, kids feet- lots of fetish type photos, and most were by one or two photographers per fetish. I made a complaint to the website and uninstalled the screen saver. I didn't see any real porno pics, but the pics I did see made me very uncomfortable.

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