WI WI - Mary Ellen Kaldenberg, 17, Kenosha, 14 Feb 1967

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Is Robert Kramer the one that was from Racine related to a bill Kramer?
Robert David Kramer, born in Dorchester, Clark County, WI, born 26 Jun 1939, in Dorchester, died 16 Sep 1999, Wood, Mellette County, South Dakota, had two brothers and one sister. Neither brother was named William. One of his brothers did have a son named William, though.

In answer to your question, I don't know what his ties to Racine, WI, were, whether he ever lived there and why they suspected his involvement in the murder of Mary Ellen Kaldenburg.

Known residences were Biron, WI, Wisconsin Rapids, Wood County, WI, Carrollton, Carroll County, MO (where his sister lived. He was arrested there for the April 15, 1967 abductions and murders in New Berlin, WI of Sharon Malone, 25, of Monches, WI and Cheryl Packard, 22, of Pewaukee, WI. and the assault and robbery of Maureen Curtis, 22, of Sussex, WI, June 24, 1966. (Vehicles of the victims in both crimes had the gas line crimped which stalled the vehicles, resulting in their abductions) He was acquitted of the two murders and convicted of the assault and robbery. He was also convicted of several other robberies. He was married twice,17 Jun 1961 and 9 Mar 1977, both in Wood County, WI. He had ties to Shawano County, WI. He also lived in the Town of Grant, Portage County, at the residence of a brother after he got out of prison.
Sources: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/202847589/conrad_josephous_kramer
Marshfield News-Herald, Mon, May 18, 1987 ·Page 19 1940 and 1950 US Federal Census, Ancestry.com Search
Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Wisconsin Circuit Court Access

Mary Ellen Kaldenberg​

BIRTH 1950
DEATH 14 Feb 1967 (age 17)
Kenosha, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
I still think this case can be solved, if they still have all the evidence. DNA has advanced so much, that they might be able to get it off her clothes, the hearse itself or anything that was in it.

Sometimes it's so frustrating as you wonder why they haven't been able to use DNA to solve a lot of these old crimes, such as Zodiac.
Help me out here with "auto pond"?
Was there any old evidence left from her? Like her clothes or did they take any fingerprints from inside the car? Was there and this left from the cases evidence that they can use now?

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