WI--Milwaukee police officer helps homeless family

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    Milwaukee police officer helps homeless family

    MILWAUKEE —A Milwaukee mother and her three children are warm with a place to live thanks to a Milwaukee police officer.

    Hayward and her three children, ages 8, 5 and 3, had been in a homeless shelter. Hayward found a job and the shelter told her she had to leave to make way for someone worse off.

    Lehmann got word and stepped in to help.

    "I thought it would be somewhat easy based on my contacts in the community and the work that I've done,” Lehmann said.

    But the 25-year veteran was surprised by the roadblocks.

    "I thought it would be easier to find resources, and it turned out that it was very, very challenging, and I wanted make sure that I did everything that I could to follow through with my word,” Lehmann said.
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    :tyou: Officer Lehmann.

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