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    Police help ‘Jane Doe'
    with identity after 5 years
    Woman found in City of Pewaukee learns who she is
    By SHELLY JANKE - GM Today Staff ​
    August 30, 2007​

    CITY OF PEWAUKEE - A woman who lost her identity has found it again thanks to the work of a local detective who went above and beyond the call of duty to help her. "We had the fortune of having a detective who was driven by the fact that he needed to find out who she was," City of Pewaukee Police Chief Gary Bach said.

    The 52-year-old woman, who until now was identified by authorities as "Jane Doe," has now come to be called by her given name, Susan, Det. Jake Bernotas said. Bernotas would not release the woman’s last name, citing her mental health issues.
    Authorities first became acquainted with Susan in November, when, according to a criminal complaint in the case, a man reported he encountered her at a City of Pewaukee gas station when she asked for directions to the interstate. He called police when he suspected the woman had mental health problems, the complaint said.
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