WI WI - Sierra Hohneke, teen, La Farge, Vernon County, 6 Jan 2019

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    La Farge Police Department


    The La Farge Police Department needs your help locating a missing teenager, Sierra Hohneke. She is from La Farge and was last seen Sunday evening, January 6th, at 8PM. She is actively evading detection by law enforcement. If you see her, please call your local law enforcement or the Vernon County Sheriff's Office at 608-637-2123, or email vcso@vernoncounty.org. She is known to have friends and family in or around La Farge, Viroqua, Hillsboro, and La Crosse. Help us bring her home safe.

    Vernon County Sheriff's Office Viroqua Police Department City of Hillsboro, WI City of La Crosse Police Department

    upload_2019-1-11_20-10-45.png upload_2019-1-11_20-11-4.jpeg

    Missing La Farge teen last seen Sunday night, police say
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    Here;s her Facebook, last posts in 2017. Seemed a happy girl in earlier posts. Sierra Hohneke
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    Her posts are hidden from non-friends. All we can see is her cover photo updates of which the last one was in 2017. Cover photo updates are always shared with the public. She could be posting privately to friends and we would never know.

    And I agree they generally look like happy updates.

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