WI - Stephen Kappell, 18, Oshkosh, 28 September 1965

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by OkieGranny, Feb 14, 2015.

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    This certainly doesn't sound like suicide, not at all.

    From another article on Feb 4

    "Kappell’s death certificate labeled his death a homicide, saying he was brutally beaten and eventually drowned after being thrown in Lake Winnebago. But newspaper reports from less than two months later say several people, who testified at a coroner’s inquest, claimed Kappell likely died by suicide. It’s a story Barry Busby isn’t buying."


    So the coroner ruled the death a homicide, yet "several people" testified that it was a suicide. No, people committing suicide don't beat themselves badly, then bind themselves up, tie on a 30 lb rock and jump nude into a lake.

    Who were the "several people" who claimed it was a suicide? Were any of them representatives of the university concerned about bad publicity? How much trouble can an average 18 yo college freshman get into in 1965? There wouldn't have been drugs on a small midwestern campus then, nor much of any other vices.

    Was he pledging a fraternity? Victim of a prank turned demented and violent? Dating someone's sweetheart? This was a very violent death, likely committed by more than one person. At least two people would be needed to throw him and the rock into the lake.

    It's commendable that local LE are now adamantly looking into the case. Someone knows what happened.

    ETA: He was last seen at his dorm, Breese Hall, on Sept. 28. He wascreported missing by a high school friend and fellow college student on Sept. 30.


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