WI - Wisconsin Cold Cases: Paper Launches Series

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    The Post Crescent news media group in WI is launching a series of investigative reports on unsolved murders in that state. The above link will take you to an introductory video. This is to be a long term project. A reporter I came to know while working another case, John Ferak, is authoring some of the stories.

    I felt this would be of interest..
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    Thank you for the link. I grew up in this area, so seeing some of those names again is interesting. The Laura Depies case, especially, really stuck with me, being a teenager frequented that mall at the time.

    They put up a link with many of the cold cases in WI - you can 'hover' over the pictures for details. http://php.wisinfo.com/mktg/unsolved_apc/. 383 unsolved murders, 257 of them from the MKE area...

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