'Wild boys' saga turns out to be hoax by 2 brothers Urban brothers

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    Roseville, Placer County -- Two brothers who said they were born and raised in the Canadian wilderness appear to be two brothers who were born and raised in urban California and left their home near Sacramento only last summer.

    Their mysterious situation caught the attention of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian network television after they were discovered camping in the woods near Vernon, a city of 33,000 about 175 miles northeast of Vancouver. They claimed their parents had moved north from the Bay Area years ago but refused to elaborate and could not produce any documents to prove their identity -- and they could neither work nor receive government assistance without such documents.

    Police in Roseville and British Columbia said Friday that the younger of the pair, who called himself "William Anthony Green," actually appears to be Roen Horn, who ran away from his home in Roseville on June 10 when local police and child protective services came to his house to ask his parents about the boy's alarmingly low weight. The boy's self-imposed diet had gone from regular to vegetarian to vegan to what police called "fruitarian."

    His concerned mother had earlier taken her son to a hospital to have doctors figure out why the boy wouldn't eat.

    The police in Vernon are waiting for confirmation of identity by photos and other means, to be provided by the brothers' parents. But on Friday, asked if the "Green" brothers were really the Horn brothers, Henry Proce, the Canadian police officer working on the case, said, "It certainly looks like a slam dunk." In Roseville, police spokeswoman Dede Gunther, referring to the younger boy, said, "We think it's the same kid."

    After Roen Horn fled home, Roseville police put out a "Missing Teenager at Risk" flyer on June 26, describing the boy as 6-feet-1 and 107 pounds. The boy, whose weight apparently dropped to 84 pounds, is in a hospital in Vernon.

    His older brother, who appeared on a Canadian Broadcasting Corp. documentary about the case Tuesday night in which he said his name was "Thomas Green," is believed by police to be Kyle Horn, Roen's older brother. The brothers, who were born in San Jose, gave Canadian authorities accurate dates of birth -- Kyle is 23, Roen is 16 -- but that apparently was the only truthful part of their story.

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