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    thanks to angel blue eyes who posted the link in the media thread. i just have to post that her family is STILL pizzing me off...:banghead:


    aren't they under a gag order????!!!!

    Quote from article

    "Connie Lawless, the grandmother of Melissa Huckaby, who is accused of killing Sandra, said she and about five people she knows received a similar letter. Lawless said it was unnerving to learn that her calls may have been recorded.

    "Anything that comes to us from, like the DA's office, it automatically is upsetting," Lawless said. "We never know what shoe's going to drop.""


    "She added that investigators resorted to the phone taps because they are "really scraping the bottom of the barrel for evidence" against her granddaughter. Lawless said she has yet to hear of any solid evidence in the case against Huckaby."

    stating that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for evidence would be a violation of that order? just the way she speaks, like this is all so ridiculous and how dare they record their precious church members. it's not like the police are going to release transcripts, unless of course you're about something you shouldn't have been! my question is do you think she really believes MH is innocent or is she just trying to save face in the community. the way she makes excuses and everything for her makes me think she has known more for a long while. JMO.
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