Withdrawal of note costs robber

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    Withdrawal of note costs robber

    PARKERSBURG, W.Va. - A man was arrested for robbing a bank after he returned to take down the note demanding money he had left taped to a drive-through window.

    Eugene D. Golden, 36, of Briarwood was charged with nonaggravated robbery.

    Police say a man wearing a hooded sweat shirt and a ball cap walked up to the drive-through at Community Bank about 5:50 p.m. Wednesday and taped a note to the window indicating an explosive device would be detonated if tellers did not give him cash.

    Bank employees handed over $21,066, said Parkersburg Police Chief Robert Newell. The man then fled in a green vehicle with a cardboard sign reading "lost tag" over the license plate and duct tape over the make of the vehicle.

    The man drove to Emerson Bowling Lanes nearby, changed clothes in his car, then walked back to the bank to retrieve the note. He stuffed it in his pocket.

    Story from Herald.com
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