WITNESS THREAD: Warrant Officer Barend Van Staden, Crime Scene Photographer

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    Day 11, Part 1 - 50:00-end

    Day 11, Part 2 - start-to-end

    Day 11, Part 3 - start-to-end

    Day 12, Part 1 - start-to-end

    Day 12, Part 2 - 00:00-54:07

    DAY 11 VIDEO

    DAY 12 VIDEO



    Please note: When comparing witnesses' testimony to OP's version - no matter if it is used to support or impeach - please be prepared to note the video # and time stamp if asked to "link it up". That is common courtesy. It's always how we've rolled around here and that is expected. So take notes if you anticipate you will have a point to make regarding something specific.

    The video links will direct you to the post for each day in the Video Thread. Transcript links are provided for reference only, and are not verbatim and/or complete.
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    Posted in the Timeline thread, 17 March 2014

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    I'm still working on this and will add to it this evening, but I'm taking a dinner break. This timeline will be in at least two posts due to the number of pictures.

    UPDATED: Van Staden's visual timeline according to photo metadata and testimony.

    Entries marked with ** are times after which crime scene had been disturbed and evidence moved about.


    04:50 a.m. - Straden arrived, Botha told him what happened and took him through the scene (first time)

    * Straden then asked Both to clear scene

    * Straden then went to garage

    * Straden conducts PR test on OP's arms

    5:12 a.m. Straden takes 4 photos of OP in garage (Photos #155-158)


    5:15 a.m. - Went to front and photographed entrance (photo #2)


    5:16 a.m. - 5:43 a.m. -takes photographs of scene inside, including downstairs and Reeva's injuries, (photos #3 -13; #132 - 155)


    5:45 a.m - 5:50 a.m - Staden photographs crime scene going up he stairs (photos #14 - #27)


    5:51 a.m. - 5:55 a.m. - Staden photographs upstairs hallway and area outside OP bedroom (photos #27 - #39)


    5:55 a.m.- 5:56 a.m. - pictures of the contents of display case and wide angle view of display case (photos #51m #53, #54)

    5:58 a.m. - Staden starts taking photographs in bedroom (photo #55)

    (Van Staden says this is the SECOND time he viewed this area of the crime scene)

    * Photo # 56 -fan, duvet, ipad, grey t shirt 5:58 - Van Staden says fan was off when he arrived​

    * Photo # 68 - duvet, jeans, black fan unplugged ​


    * Photos #72,#73 - bedroom, sandal is seen, overnight bag on couch​


    * Photo #76 -spots on wall- above left headboard​

    5:59 a.m. - Photo of bedroom looking toward bathroom (photo #60, #77)



    6:00 a.m - Staden photographs the overnight bag on the couch (photo #78) and the thermometer switched off (photo #79)

    6:01 a.m. - photograph of watches in case with blood smear (photo #67)

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    6:01 a.m. - 6:06 a.m. - photos hallway to bathroom, cartridge case, view into bathroom from hallway, close up of cartridge case, blood drops (photos #80-87)

    **6:04 a.m. - Van Staden was in the passageway to the bathroom (photo # 81)
    **6:04 a.m. - COLONEL MOTHA PHOTO from balcony of main bedroom (photo #5368)
    **6:05 a.m. Van Staden is in the bathroom (photos #82 -87)
    **6:05:33 a.m. - Col Motha takes photo of the passageway between the bedroom and bathroom (photo #5378)
    **6:06 a.m. - 6:10 a.m. - Bathroom pics, panels, cricket bat right side up, cartridges, towels, splinters (photos #88,89, 90, 91, 92,, 97 -103, 110-112,119-121 )

    **6:06 a.m.
    **6:07 a.m. - Col Motha in the bathroom taking photographs (photo #5373)
    **6:07 a.m.
    **6:08 a.m. - Col Motha pictures inside the bathroom (photos #5374-5376)

    **6:09 a.m.
    **6:09 a.m. Col Motha photo in bathroom (photo #5369, 5377)
    6:10 am - 6:13 am - Photos of toilet cubicle (photos #122-128)

    **6:14 a.m. - towel, gun, phone (photo #104)
    **6:16 a.m. door with panels out (photo #113)

    **6:17 a.m. - close up of gun (photo #105)
    **6:18 a.m. - close up, front and back of black cell phone, held by Botha (photos #106, 107)

    **6:19 a.m. - white cell phone (towels have been moved at this point- VS put them in the bathtub) Botha took the cell phones (photos #108, 109)

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    **6:21 a.m. - bedside table with a print magazine, possibly another phone, and holster on the table pushed against the back wall (photos #74, #75)
    ** 6:21 a.m. - cones and evidence markers in hallway where first cartridge found (photo #173,174)
    **6:23 a.m. - Back in bathroom - evidence markers and tape measures held next to cartridges (photos #175-178)

    **6:24 a.m. - bathroom, showing cone evidence marker and bat, towels have been moved, crime scene has been moved around (photo #179)

    **6:25 a.m. - Photo taken byColonel Motha, gun/mat in different position than VS's photos (photo #5379)
    *photo #180 - bathroom with cones, cricket bat changed, no cell phone (no time)

    *photo #181 - toilet cubicle - moved items to access evidence, magazine rack (no time)

    *photo #186 - toilet, no magazine rack (no time), 3 fragments (b4)
    6:27 a.m. - 6:32 a.m. - photographs of the outside of OP house (2 people can be seen through the bathroom window in photo taken at 6:31 a.m. (Col Van Rensburg and unidentified policeman)(photos #164-171)
    **6:45 am - 6:50 am - photos of panels, door and damage in bathroom (photos # 94-96, 118)

    **6:57 a.m. - Van Staden photo #182 in the bathroom
    .**6:57:55 a.m Col Motha photo in bathroom of gun with slide and hammer in different position. Van Staden says he reprimanded Col Motha and asked him to vacate the scene when he learned Motha had handled the firearm (photo #5406)

    **6:58 a.m. - Van Staden photo in bathroom (photo #185)
    **7:00 a.m - 7:02 a.m. - photos of door panels, door, broken tiles in bathroom and toilet cubicle (photos #93, 114-117)
    **7:04 am - 7:05 am - other side of cricket bat with signatures and close up (photos #198, 199)
    **7:19 a.m. - close up of gun, slide pulled back (by fingerprints expert) and bullet from chamber of gun (photos #193, 195)
    **7:34 a.m. - 7:36 a.m. -duvet spread out by VS (photos #69 -71)
    7:39 - 7:40 a.m. - Staden takes 5 photos OP's prostheses (photos #159 - 163)

    **7:43 a.m. - another view of sunglasses display case (photo #52)

    **7:50 a.m. - 2 photos of "fragments" in the bathroom (after evidence has been moved about) (photos #129, 130)

    **7:59 a.m. - stereo in OP bedroom (photo #62)

    **7:59 a.m. -8:00 a.m. - various photos of OP's effects (medicine maybe?) (photos #63 -66)

    **8:02 a.m. - photo magazine and ammo pouch, found by Van Staden in the drawer on the right hand bedside table (photos #57 -#59)
    **12:06 pm -12:07 pm – Photos of damage to OP’s bedroom door (photos #41, #49, #50)

    **15:31 – 15:32 (3:31 pm – 3:32 pm) – photos of bedroom door with holes and damage (photos #40, #42 - #48)

    Photo #310
    MARCH 08

    ** blood spatter and measurements (marked as taken on 2/15) (photos #364, 366, 371, 373, 379, 391)
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    Here's an interesting article about Crime Scene Procedures.

    This is the normal crime scene procedure:

    A. First responder: (Van Rensburg)
    "Physical evidence can be rendered useless by people wandering through the area. Every single person has the potential to destroy valuable evidence. It's the responsibility of the officer to prohibit access to anyone not directly involved with processing the site (including fellow officers)."

    So the first responder must:
    Find out if there is a need for medical assistance (Check) Confirm death. (Paramedic. Check.) Conduct scene walkthrough (Van Rensburg and Botha did this.) Take steps to preserve and protect area. (Check) Secure and isolate the crime scene using ropes or barricades. (Check) Exclude all unauthorized personnel from scene. (Check) Determine the lead investigator. (Check. Van Rensburg appointed Botha. Later it is Van Aardt.)
    B. Evaluation of the Area:
    During this phase the following must happen:
    Find the boundaries of the scene. (Check) Find the perpetrator’s entrance and exit. (Check.) Initial walk though of the scene to determine the strategy for documentation of the entire crime scene. (Botha. Van Rensburg. Van Staden. Check.)

    C. Documenting the Scene:
    Photography/Video, Sketching, Notes.
    There are three groups of photographs taken at various stages of the investigation. Each group of photographs is taken for specific reasons.
    Overall photographs: Before the scene is disturbed
    Mid-range photographs: Ongoing, during the investigation
    Close-up photographs: Ongoing, during the investigation
    Overall photos: Album 1 by Van Staden. Crime scene: Undisturbed.
    Photographs must be unaltered. (Check. Verified by admin clerk.)
    Overview photographs are taken of the entire scene. (Check.)
    The purpose is to include as much as possible in one photograph. (Check)
    And to ensure that each important item is in at least one photo. (Check)
    Should be taken before anything is disturbed. (Check)(Roux says not.)
    Photographs of physical evidence: must show the position and location relevant to the scene. (Check)
    Photographs of the body: should show the body's position relative to the scene. (Check)​

    Mid Range Photographs: Van Staden. Various albums. (Check) Taken during the search/investigation.
    The purpose is to focus attention on a specific object.
    Scales should be used when indicated. Photos of wounds and bruises should be with and without scales.​

    Close up Photographs: (Check) Van Staden. Various albums. Taken during the search/investigation.
    The purpose is show a specific aspect of an object up close.
    Photos showing injuries or weapons lying near the body are necessary. Patterns of injuries. And again after the body is removed, close up photos should be taken of the area underneath.​

    Note the following:

    Only album A, the overall photographs, should be taken before anything is disturbed.

    As soon as Van Staden was done with the first set of photographs (Album 1 or overall photographs described below) other officers moved in to do the "thorough search" and maybe take their own photographs. To search means stuff must be moved.

    Other officers can take pictures too. There is no rule against it.

    The police photographer does not have to be alone while taking the photographs. Van Staden stated various times that, as the official photographer, it was his decision to do things a certain way. This is why I do not understand the whole Col. Motha thing. It was Van Staden's decision to be alone, but nothing stopped him if he wanted other people there. So he had absolutely no reason to lie about this. It was his prerogative to make these decisions because he was the official photographer.

    If new evidence is discovered during the search (the pistol's magazine, the phone under the mat, etc) this must also be photographed.​

    D. Searching the Scene:
    "A thorough search is imperative and no important evidence should be overlooked. Failure to collect all pertinent evidence may lead to charges of negligence or tampering."

    E. Collection of Evidence:
    "The collection of physical evidence is vital to any crime scene search. The goal of collection is to maintain the integrity of the evidence."
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    Nice post... Did anybody explain the damage to op prospetic legs??
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    Minor4th, Thank you for putting photos to Bessie's great timeline. Both are so helpful.

    The photo you posted at 6:09 am shows that there is a tile from beside the WC door laying near the tub, towels and the larger plank from the door. It seems to have gone quite a distance. It is probably not important. It is just another piece of the puzzle.

    Tile and RS cell.jpg

    Here is a photo closer up. This probably fits into the time line at 6:06 am - 6:10 am.

    tile by lg plank.png

    I still have lots of questions arising from the crime scene photos.
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    homegirl - that timeline was one that I did a while back and posted in the timeline thread. Now that there is a separate thread re: van staden, bessie was kind enough to bring my post over here - and I'm trying to update it with additional info and pics.

    I've still got some major revisions to add re: Motha's pictures and their timestamps, so stay tuned.

    The large looking plank is kind of a visual distortion in that pic form the camera angle or lens. It is not as wide as it looks in that pic.
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    It must have been quite a lot of work. I really appreciate it. That plank does look distorted there. I was curious about the tile lying near it.
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    Some of the tiles near the toilet door were broken during the incident. I assume they are from those broken tiles
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    Thanks, minor4th. I wish someone with better eyes than mine would look at pic #56 at 5:58 showing the balcony side of OP's bed and compare it to OP's story of walking along there on his stumps and feeling the curtains in search of Reeva.
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    No doubt they were "broken during the incident". But precisely how? OP has not told us, not has he mentioned any aspect of "the incident" which usually breaks wall tiles.
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    Dixon said the reverberation of the bat and door broke those tiles adjacent to the door
  15. minor4th

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    There are quite a few objects and cords in that area. If that is truly an untouched crime scene, it seems improbable that Oscar's description of walking there, feeling along curtains, etc is true.
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    Homegirl, I have attached a good shot of the broken tiles and where they originated from. Also attached is an annotated version of the same photo showing what I believe to be is one or more cricket bat marks on near the tile area from which the broken tiles came from.

    Attached Files:

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    Oscar Pistorius Trial Monday 17 March 2014, Session 1

    Time on video:
    50:00 Van Staden sworn in. Credentials presented.

    52:27 Testimony about arrival and equipment.
    Called to scene: He was standby photographer that night. Took Mooikloof photographs too. Contacted to attend the crime scene on 14 Feb 2013 and he arrived at 04:50 with his equipment. Canon IRS 550D, standard 28x35 lens.

    55:44 Meeting Botha. Initial or first walkthrough of crime scene.
    Arrived and Botha met him at the scene. A/O Botha told him what happened. He was taken through the scene. Asked W/O Botha to clear the scene. Then started to take photographs in garage.

    57:27 Procedure: Chain of evidence and Verification of photographs.

    Photographs stored on SD card.
    Each photograph has metadata. Metadata shows the date, time and photograph number. All photographs are given sequential numbers by the camera. "Each photograph you take gets a number and that follows on each other."
    No photographs were deleted.
    Full SD card is sealed inside envelope and handed over to administration clerk for verication. The SD card is downloaded on system and a file will be opened for a photographer. The photographer will receive a copy that he calls a "working copy." There is a master copy that is stored by the aministration clerk. There is also an archive made of all the SD cards.
    Van Staden will now testify on album 1. He's checked the metadata.

    1:01:40 The Accused...
    Garage: Closed door. Just me and accused. Explained who I was and the procedure I will conduct (i.e. PR tests and photographing of accused). Then went to ask W/O Botha if accused washed his hands. Botha originally said no, but then asked Lt Col van Rensburg, who said yes OP did wash hands. Back to garage. Asked Oscar if he washed his hands. OP said yes. Van Staden did the tests anyway. Hands? Yes.

    Photographs of the accused:
    155 - 05:12
    156 - 05:12
    157 - 05:12
    158 - 05:12
    Nel says that while they are there in the album, photograph #159 was taken at 07:39.
    (All photographs below are also of Oscar Pistorius.)
    160 - 07:39
    161 - 07:39
    162 - 07:40
    163 - 07:39.


    The numbers mentioned are not the sequential metadata numbers given by the camera. These numbers show the order as the photographs appear in the albums. They were chosen and then compiled into various albums by Van Staden. (Testimony below.) So, for example, in this album we find:

    155-158 (taken at 05:12)
    159-161 (taken at 07:39)
    162 (taken at 07:40)
    163 (taken at 07:39)

    So this particular album is not a chronological record of the crime scene, but photographs are grouped together by location. They show the crime scene location by location from Oscar in the garage to the bathroom upstairs.

    Some, but definitely not all, of these photographs are undisturbed crime scene photographs. (Those are grouped in another album.)

    1:06:05 From the garage to the house: Downstairs area
    From garage he went outside and took photograph #2
    2 - 05:15 (front door from outside)
    Inside the house. Downstairs area photographs #3-13.
    3 - 05:16
    4 - 05:16
    5 - 05:17 (room with sofa)
    6 - 05:17 (bloodspatter on sofa)
    7 - 05:17 (bloodspatter on sofa)
    8 - 05:17 (close-up of the bloodspatter on sofa)
    9 - 05:18
    10- 05:18
    11- 05:16
    12- 05:23 (Reeva's body. Not shown on screen)
    13- 05:24

    Overall-, medium- and close-up photographs taken at the same time. See for example photographs #5-8.

    1:09:30 Reeva's body and wounds. (not on screen) #132-154
    Nel: If we follow the time of the photos, we will now have to go to photograph #132?
    Van Staden: That is correct, m'lady.
    132 - 05:24
    133 - 05:23
    134 - 05:24
    135 - 05:30
    136 - 05:31
    137 - 05:31
    138 - 05:31
    139 - 05:41
    140 - 05:40
    141 - 05:40
    142 - 05:31
    143 - 05:37
    144 - 05:38
    145 - 05:38
    146 - 05:39
    147 - 05:31
    148 - 05:33
    149 - 05:32
    150 - 05:35
    151 - 05:35 (photograph of Reeva's black vest showing the hole on vest)
    152 - 05:35 (wounds on Reeva's chest)
    153 - 05:42 (Reeva is turned over. Wounds on Reeva's back)
    154 - 05:43 (same wounds as above)

    At #152 Reeva's body was turned to photograph wounds on her back.
    This tells us that once Bennie van Staden has taken the undisturbed (overall) photographs, he immediately moved to turn Reeva over and then take more photographs. Point is that things must be moved. How else can he take photographs of her back? This is normal crime scene procedure.
    The purpose of not disturbing the scene is so that Van Staden can take photographs of an undisturbed scene. But the moment photographs (of a specific area or object) are taken, the crime scene/evidence in the photo is officially documented. Stuff should now be moved to take more photographs. Van Staden doesn't waste time. He takes the undisturbed pictures and immediately after that, Van Staden turns her over and takes photographs of her back.

    1:14:18 Crime scene procedure discussed
    Nel: After taking photographs of the deceased's body and injuries, what did you do?
    Van Staden: I then started with my investigation of the scene, m'lady.
    Nel: What does that mean?
    Van Staden: That means to go through the crime scene and to take photographs of the whole crime scene.
    Nel: That will take us back to photograph 14?

    1:15:20 Up the stairs and to the main bedroom door.
    14 - 05:45 (looking up the stairs)
    15 - 05:48 (medium range: bloodspatter on bottom stairs)
    16 - 05:46 (close-up)
    17 - 05:46 (left side of wall, going up the stairs)
    18 - 05:47 (left side of wall, going up the stairs)
    19 - 05:47 (close-up)
    20 - 05:48 (close-up)
    21 - 05:48 (on the same wall, left hand side of stairs)
    22 - 05:49 (silver railing of stairs)
    23 - 05:49 (railing and close-up of wall)
    24 - 05:50 (top of the stairs)
    25 - 05:50 (close bloodspatter against wall)
    26 - 05:50 (looking down the stairs)
    27 - 05:51 (top of stairs wider shot: linen cupboard and door to a balcony)
    28 - 05:51 (view of passage at top of stairs)
    29 - 05:51 (close-up bloodspatter)
    30 - 05:52 (wall)
    31 - 05:53 (wall)
    32 - 05:52 (wall)
    33 - 05:53 (to upstairs room with sofa)
    34 - 05:53 (upstairs room with sofa)
    35 - 05:54 (view from room with sofa)
    36 - 05:54 (door to main bedroom)
    37 - 05:54 (wall)
    38 - 05:54 (floor)
    39 - 05:55 (door to main bedroom)

    1:21:05 Close ups of damage to main bedroom door.
    40 - 15:33 (15 Feb) (close up damage bedroom door)
    All the other photographs mentioned so far were taken on 14 February.
    41 - 12:06 (14 Feb) (damage to main bedroom door)
    Nel asks when Van Staden first noticed the damage?
    Van Staden says on his first walkthrough of the scene the morning of 14 Feb.
    42 - 15:33 (15 Feb)
    43 - 15:32 (15 Feb)
    44 - 15:33 (15 Feb)
    45 - 15:31 (15 Feb)
    46 - 15:31 (15 Feb) (focus was the damage of the bottom of the main door)
    47 - 15:32 (15 Feb) (close up of damage to door)
    48 - 15:32 (15 Feb)
    49 - 12:07 (14 Feb) (damage to the main bedroom door)
    50 - 12:07 (14 Feb)

    1:25:15 In the bedroom. Airgun and cabinet.
    51 - 05:56 (14 Feb) (display cabinet for sunglasses)
    52 - 07:43 (14 Feb)
    53 - ??:?? (the contents of cabinet shown in 51 & 52, the bottom part)
    54 - 05:55 (14 Feb)
    55 - 05:58 (shows the main bedroom)

    1:27:25 In the main bedroom
    Nel: Now when you took this photo 55, this was the second time you've been to this bedroom? (The first time was during his walkthrough with Botha.)
    Van Staden: That is correct, m'lady.
    Nel: Was it in the same condition?
    Van Staden: That is correct, m'lady.

    1:27:40 Items in the bedroom, part 1
    56 - 05:58 (shows part of bed, duvet on floor, fan, Ipad, grey t-shirt)
    Van Staden says they found another Ipad on the right hand side underneath the bed. He says when he arrived the fan was switched off.

    1:29:00 Cartridge holder/magazine and pouch
    57 - 08:02 (looks like a drawer?)
    58 - 08:02 (magazine and pouch)
    Nel: Who found that magazine and pouch?
    Van Staden: I did, m'lady.
    Where: The right hand side bedside table, in the drawer.
    59 - 08:02 (the same magazine as on 58)

    1:30:10 Items in the bedroom, part 2
    60 - 05:59 (view from the balcony door into room towards bedroom door)
    61 - 05:59 (hifi/stereo cabinet)
    62 - 07:59 (wooden cabinet)
    63 - 07:59 (close-up)
    64 - 07:59 (close-up)
    65 - 08:00 (close-up)
    66 - 08:00 (close-up)
    67 - 06:01 (watches with blood spatter)

    1:31:55 The duvet: As it was when found and opened up
    68 - 05:58 (duvet on carpet and jeans and a black fan, unplugged)
    69 - 07:34 (the same duvet opened up by Van Staden)
    Nel: Who opened it?
    Van Staden: I did, m'lady.
    Nel: Why?
    Van Staden: There were bloodspots on the duvet and I was investigating to ascertain if there were any more bloodspots on the duvet.
    70 - 07:35 (close-up of bloodspots taken after duvet was opened up)
    71 - 07:36 (close-up of bloodspatter on open duvet)
    72 - 05:58 (pillows, overnight bag and sandals was how he found it)
    73 - 05:58 (floor/carpet)
    74 - 06:21 (stuff on bedside table)
    75 - 06:21 (close-up of stuff on table, holster)
    76 - 05:58 (bloodspatter on wall above the left bedside table)
    77 - 05:59 (wide shot of room with passage leading to bathroom)
    78 - 06:00 (overnight bag)
    79 - 06:00 (thermometer (theromostat?) switched off)
    80 - 06:01 (passage to bathroom)
    Nel: Apart from taking photographs, you also took measurements of the house? Van Staden says he measured the length of the passage from the right corner to the end of the passage as 5.23m (523cm). He confirms that you turn right to bathroom at end of passage.
    81 - 06:04 (cartridge case found there)
    82 - 06:05 (close-up cartridge case)
    83 - 06:05 (cartridge and blood spatter on floor)
    84 - 06:05 (close-up of cartridge)
    85 - 06:05 (close-up bloodspatter on floor in 83)
    86 - 06:05 (bathroom passage)
    87 - 06:06 (splinters on floor)
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    Oscar Pistorius Trial Monday 17 March 2014, Session 2: Part 1

    The Youtube video only starts at photograph 90, so from wildabouttrial:

    Day 11, part 1 at about 01:38:30
    Judge: Still under oath, Mr. van Staden.
    Van Staden: Correct, m'lady.
    Nel says please turn to photograph 88.
    88 - 06:06 (looking down into bathroom, panel and cartridge on floor)
    89 - 06:06 (close-up of cartridge)

    I continue with Youtube video:
    Oscar Pistorius Trial Monday 17 March 2014, Session 2

    Photograph of a spent cartridge on the floor (photo 89)
    Nel asks about photograph 90.

    00:00 Wood on the bathroom floor: Panels and pieces.
    90 - 06:08
    91 - 06:08
    92 - 06:10 (Note: back of bullet hole on panel?)
    93 - 07:01
    94 - 06:45 (white marks on wood)
    95 - 06:45 (close-up of 94)
    96 - 06:48

    01:16 The bathroom
    97 - 06:07 (bath with toilet bag)
    98 - 06:07 (looking at the bathroom sinks)
    99 - 06:09 (another of the sinks)
    100- 06:07 (fragment, towels and bat on floor, the same cartridge as in 88)
    101- 06:09 (bat with flat side on floor)
    102- 06:19 (close-up of fragment of wood as seen on 100)
    103- 06:09 (view of floor with towels, bat, gun, cellphone)
    104- 06:14 (close-up of pistol with phone under mat)
    105- 06:17 (close-up of pistol)
    106- ??:?? (close-up of cellphone found next to firearm as seen on 103)
    107- 06:18 (close-up of same cellphone)
    108- 06:19 (cellphone lying on floor)

    06:40 The cellphone under the towels and moving the towels
    Nel: Was that cellphone visible when you first entered scene?
    Van Staden: No.
    Nel: How did it become visible?
    Van Staden: During my search (investigation) I picked the towels and saw the phone.
    Nel: If you say you picked up towels, go to photograph 103, is the towels visible? Please indicate.
    Van Staden: Yes. (shows the towels on 103)
    109- 06:19 (close-up of cellphone on floor)

    07:55 And about moving the towels and the bat
    Nel: Now why did you pick up the towels?
    Van Staden: To see if there were any important pieces of evidence under towels.
    Nel: Go back to 101. Is that the way you found the bat?
    Van Staden: Correct.
    Nel: Did you handle the bat at all?
    Van Staden says he did. He turned it around to photograph the bottom (or back) part of the bat.
    Nel: Now that would be visible in another album, album 2.
    Nel: At photograph 198 in that album, what time was that photograph taken.
    Van Staden: 07:04
    Nel: 199 (close-up of bat)
    Van Staden: 07:05
    Nel: Back to 108 and the white cellphone on floor. Taken at 06:19.
    Van Staden: Correct
    Nel: What happened to towels?
    Van Staden: I placed the towels in the bathtub.
    Nel: That one can see at 205, am I correct?
    Van Staden: That is correct.
    Nel: Let's just carry on and we'll get back to this. Let's go to 110.
    At 11:52
    Nel: Whilst we're dealing with the cellphones, what happened to the cellphones.
    Van Staden: W/O Botha took the cellphones.

    12:08 Various photographs taken in bathroom
    110- 06:07 (bathroom window and open door, the window was found open)
    111- 06:07 (wider shot of the three windows and the door)
    112- 06:07 (looking down from windows, towels still visible on floor)
    113- 06:16 (close-up of broken door)
    114- 07:01 (looking through broken door at window)
    115- 07:02 (close-up door)
    116- 07:02 (close-up door, broken tiles from wall just beside the door)
    117- 07:02 (close-up door)
    118- 06:15 (dented steel plate on bath)
    119- 06:09 (view into toilet from bathroom)
    120- 06:10 (broken panels of wood on toilet floor, blood on the wall and floor)
    121- 06:10 (close-up of blood above)
    122- 06:11 (toilet and magazine rack)
    123- 06:10 (toilet and magazine rack)
    124- 06:11 (toilet bowl from above)
    125- 06:12 (close-up of fragment)
    126- 06:11 (damage on toilet wall, also visible on 122)
    127- 06:13 (close-up of damage)
    128- 06:13 (close-up of damage)
    129- 07:50 (a fragment of wood)
    130- 06:12 (a fragment of wood)
    131- 07:50 (fragment)

    17:50 Outside the house
    164- 06:27 (outside of house. Taken from front, left side of house.)
    165- 06:29 (outside)
    166- 06:29 (outside)
    167- 06:30 (outside)
    168- 06:31 (outside of house, toilet and bathroom windows)
    169- 06:31 (close-up of windows)
    170- 06:31 (close-up of jeans outside)
    171- 06:32 (outside of house)

    19:33 Van Staden on compiling the albums
    Nel: Back to photo 39. In time (chronological) sequence, photo 51 would follow on 39?
    Van S: Correct, m'lady.
    Nel: Why was this album compiled in the way that it was presented?
    Van S: To show the crime scene in order (sequence). With other words to group the exhibits from a room together and show them together.
    Nel: Who decided to use this particular method?
    Van S: I did.
    Nel: In compiling your album did you consult anyone?
    Van S: No.

    21:25 About the albums.
    Nel: You compiled 15 albums in total.
    Van S: Yes.
    Nel: Your album 1 (exhibit E) is the one we went through now?
    Van S: Correct.
    Nel: What is in album 2?
    Van S: It's the en suite bathroom of the main bedroom.
    Nel: But you've already taken photographs of it?
    Van S: Correct.
    Nel: So what is different as far as album 2 is concerned?
    Van S: Album 2 is where exhibits are marked out and then photographed.
    Nel: So you moved items on the scene?
    Van S: Correct, m'lady.

    24:46 Album 2: (Exh. PP) Won't go through whole album photo by photo.
    Part 2 of session 2 to follow.
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    Oscar Pistorius Trial Monday 17 March 2014, Session 2: Part 2

    24:46 Album 2: Bathroom: In which police cones are moved and exhibits are marked...
    Nel says they won't go through whole album photo by photo. Metadata was verified.
    Nel points out that cones are moved by Van Staden for each photograph. Van Staden says the cones are placed to make the exhibits more visible. Close-ups show the exhibit number.

    173- 06:21 (14 Feb) (carpeted passage to bathroom, police cones)
    174- ??:?? (close-up of 173, exhibit marked as A1, on the left is bottom part of cone)
    175- 07:00 (tiled passage to bathroom, police cones, exhibit W: towels from bath)
    Nel points out that the scene has changed and towels were taken from inside the bath and are shown marked as exhibit W. Cones placed here to show fragments and cartrigde casings.
    176- 06:23 (close-up, exhibit A2, cartridge case)
    177- 06:23 (close-up, exhibit A3, cartridge case)
    178- 06:23 (close-up, exhibit A3, cartridge case)
    179- 06:44 (cartridge case and fragment already mentioned are marked on this photograph)

    29:30 In which a cellphone is collected by Botha
    180- ??:?? (one of the cellphones already collected by Botha)

    30:10 In which Van Staden moves the magazine rack and finds 3 fragments underneath.
    181- ??:?? (shows the toilet cubicle)
    Nel: Did you move any articles in toilet cubicle?
    Van S: Yes
    Nel: Why?
    Van S: To make exhibits more visible and to make it easier for me to photograph
    Nel points out the magazine rack (on 181). But on 186 the rack was moved. Van Staden says he found 3 fragments under the rack, marked as exhibit B4.

    31:25 In which the gun is made safe and a bullet removed from the chamber
    Nel says they will not go through all the photographs again, but he wants to go to
    193- 07:19 (gun on tiles)
    It is the firearm, but not as Van Staden found it. Van Staden says the fingerprint experts made it safe and he photographed it.
    195- ??:?? (a bullet from the chamber of the firearm.)

    32:50 In which the bat is turned over
    198- 07:04 (the bat on the floor)
    199- 07:05 (close-up of bat on floor)
    Nel: So in album 2 you moved the exhibits?
    Van S: Correct, m'lady

    33:46 Album 3: Main bedroom and ground floor area: Cones are placed and exhibits are marked...
    Nel points out that certain things were marked and in doing so certain things were moved.
    Asks Van Staden to confirm that the photographs in album 3 is the photographs he took after he'd marked the evidence.

    34:46 Album 4: PR tests. Floor and upper level: photographs of exhibits, same as above.

    35:23 Album 5: Bloodspatter and blood stains.
    Van Staden took all the photographs with the exception of #404-408 which was taken by Lt. Col van der Nest. Measurements taken of the bloodspatter on 08 March and photographs taken as requested by Van der Nest.

    There are errors in the album.
    364 label says it was taken on 15 Feb, but it was taken on 08 March
    366 label says it was taken on 15 Feb, but it was taken on 08 March
    371 label says it was taken on 15 Feb, but it was taken on 08 March
    374 label says it was taken on 15 Feb, but it was taken on 08 March
    379 label says it was taken on 15 Feb, but it was taken on 08 March
    391 label says it was taken on 15 Feb, but it was taken on 08 March

    40:00 Album 6: Ballistics section. Taken on request of Capt. Mangena.
    In this album Capt. Mangena added certain photographs that he took:
    410-416 and 418-420 and 428-432 and 438-445
    Van Staden confirms he was present when the scene was reconstructed on 08 March.

    43:00 Album 7: Vermeulen's photographs.

    43:30 Album 8: Opening and sealing of the crime scene, alarm system and the safes.
    Alarm system: photographs 577-601
    Van Staden confirms there was an alarm system in the house. There were also beams outside.

    45:20 The safe in the upstairs cupboard.
    Nel hands in photographs as exhibit SS: 602-610
    All taken on 16 February, 2013.
    The safe was opened by Oscar's brother. Present was Oldwage, Van Staden, Lt. Col van der Merwe from National Crime Scene Management.
    The contents of the safe was removed by brother and photographed by Van Staden and then they were taken by brother. Brother gave the .38 special rounds to Oldwage.

    49:24 The back of the house and the broken gound floor window
    Nel hands in as exhibit TT: 842-844
    No broken pieces of glass found.

    51:55 Album 10: Electronic exhibits and lighting outside house, scanners, measurements
    Nel: We've taken photographs number 842 to 844 out of this album.
    (Note: Were they removed from the album? Or were they taken and used for other purposes?)
    Electronic exhibits: Cellphones, Ipads, computers and memory sticks (778-794)
    Lighting outside the house: Against the house. In the flower beds. At the swimming pool. (795-830)
    Security scanners and the street lighting in front of house.
    Also measurements taken of toilet (857-914)

    54:40 Album 9: Spare room and contents.
    Taken on 17 February, 2013

    Van Staden confirms he was on the scene on 14 Feb, 15 Feb, 16 Feb and 17 February.

    55:47 Album 12: Measurements of Oscar taken by Dr. Nolte

    56:30 Album 11: Aerial photographs of the houses shown to the witnesses earlier.

    57:00 Album 13: Post mortem photgraphs.

    57:20 Album 14: Tasha's Restaurant

    57:40 Album 15: "Uitwysings" or "Pointing outs"
    i.e. Frescoe pointed out certain things and Van Staden photographed it.

    End of session 2
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    Oscar Pistorius Trial Monday 17 March 2014, Session 3, part 1

    Link A:
    The start of the session has no sound: 00:00 to 01:52

    Link B:
    Used this version with sound for the first two minutes of this session:

    At 03:28:45 (link B)
    Nel refers Van Staden to 83. Photograph of tiled passage to bathroom. Measurements of this passage (the right hand wall) is 1.31m or 131cm.
    General issues:
    When Van Staden arrived he found OP in garage and found Oscar's brother with him in the garage.
    Nel: Does Van Staden remember saying that he'd asked W/O Botha to clear the scene?
    Back to link A: Time is 01:52
    Nel: "...clear the scene."
    Van S: Correct
    Nel: Where were the people?
    Van S: Outside the house. Inside the house in the portal (foyer).
    Nel: Anyone upstairs?
    Van S: No.

    Van Staden says Oscar's sister and a female friend collected clothes for Oscar. He went with them. The clothes were upstairs in a cupboard in the passage to the bathroom. He says they did not go into the bathroom.

    Van Staden photographed the sealing of the scene when he left the crime scene. He prepared the scene by closing all the doors, windows and curtains. They switched off all the lights. That included the curtains in the main bedroom.

    Van Staden confirms that while he took the photographs in album 1, there were no people with him.

    Cross by Roux starts at 05:15 (link A).

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