Woman, 97, jailed for failing to pay traffic ticket

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    HIGHLAND PARK, Texas (AP) — Police say they had no choice but to go by the book when they handcuffed a 97-year-old woman and took her to jail for failing to pay a traffic ticket.
    Harriette Kelton was arrested last week after officers stopped her for having an expired registration and inspection sticker and realized there was a warrant for her arrest for failing to pay a traffic ticket.

    Kelton, a former schoolteacher who has lived in the Dallas suburb for decades, was in police custody for about two hours before her attorney arrived and she was released on her own recognizance.

    "Our real beef with this is that no real judgment was displayed or actually carried out in this incident," said Kelton's son Dr. Phil Kelton Jr., a plastic reconstructive surgeon with Baylor University Medical Center.

    But police spokesman Detective Randy Millican said the officers had no choice but to arrest Kelton's mother.

    "A warrant begins with the words 'You are hereby commanded to arrest,'" Millican said. "How do you decide who do you arrest and who you don't? How about at age 90 but not at 91 and up? How about between 17 and 20?"

    Phil Kelton Jr. said his mother lives alone, cooks her own meals, goes out to lunch regularly and is involved in the community. She has good eyesight, he said.

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    This little lady is all over the news. I agree the police had absolutely NO CHOICE but to follow the letter of the law. I think this may have been the best thing to ever happen to this woman. She is going to be on the Today Show this morning and she said she "LOVES Matt Lauer." So, if having to be arrested is giving this woman her 15 minutes of fame and she gets to meet television personalties, and get interviewed all over the place, I think its turning out to be a good thing. After all, at her age, she probably hasn't had this much excitement in a LONG time. :)

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