Woman dies during English Channel charity swim

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    Susan Taylor, 34, collapsed near the end of a 21-mile crossing from England to France about 5:30 p.m. Sunday, according to a report from The Independent.

    "Whilst attempting to swim the English Channel yesterday my sister, Susan collapsed suddenly in the water. She was immediately recovered from the water and treated on the support boat. She was then air lifted by helicopter to a hospital in Boulonge. Susan tragically passed away," the posting on the Create a Ripple Channel Swim Facebook page said........

    Geoff Ellis, chief executive of Rainbows Hospice, praised Taylor's fundraising efforts in an interview with the BBC.

    "Susan was a wonderful woman who would do anything for anybody. She has been a much-loved ambassador at Rainbows for over two years, helping out at events and tirelessly fundraising for us," Ellis was quoted as saying.

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    So tragic!

    I think it was her brother or brother in law, who tried to revive her.
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    Very, very sad. A tragic loss. Praying for Susan's family and friends.

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