Woman Dumps Feces, Spoiled Milk On Animal Clinic

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    Ugh...makes me sick thinking about it...


    ATLANTA -- Just after midnight, a hooded figure approached an animal clinic in Roswell -- and it’s what the surveillance video shows next that upset employees arriving for work.

    They found a disgusting mess at the front door and eggs thrown all over the building -- and they think they know why.

    “My first thought was, ‘Why would somebody do this’,” said an employee.

    Surveillance video at an animal clinic caught the whole disgusting act.

    The tape shows a woman in a blue, hooded sweatshirt walking up to the Cat Clinic of Roswell at midnight on Thursday, where she dropped a bag full of feces, sand and spoiled milk at the front door. Then she egged six of the outside windows before leaving.

    Although the picture isn’t perfectly clear, it does show a woman’s face. Workers at the clinic have turned the tape over to the Roswell Police Department to determine why and who would do such a thing.

    “Anger, frustration. I think she’s got some problems,” said employee, Jennifer Fahey.

    The clinic often takes in rescue cats after police or animal control seize the animals. Workers think revenge might be the motive for what happened in the early morning hours on Thursday.

    “There is no need to take it out on the people who are just trying to take care of the cats,” said Fahey.

    Workers do believe they recognize the woman on the tape and they are working with Roswell Police.

    Police the situation may carry more weight if they determine it’s a retaliation for an incident concerning police or animal control.
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    oh... so it's a cat hoarder, huh.....?

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