Woman Fights Purse Snatcher With Loaf Of Bread (PA)

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    MUNHALL, Pa. (CBS) ― For those purse snatchers who think an elderly woman is an easy target, they've never met 74-year-old Grace from Munhall.

    "We've lived long enough not to be pushed around," she said.

    Just before 5 p.m. Wednesday, Grace left a market with a loaf of bread when she saw a woman coming towards her.

    "A girl just looked at me and she had evil in her eyes. And she just looked mean. And she reached down and grabbed my purse and I held on real tight," Grace said.

    With no thought about her own safety, Grace says she wasn't giving up her purse without a fight and it worked. The thief gave up and left empty handed.

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    WTG, Grace!! I'm glad you defended yourself & you're safe!!
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    Wow, I hope I'm that tuff when I'm her age.

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