Woman found alive in quake rubble two months on

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by aussiegran, Dec 15, 2005.

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    a discovery doctors are calling a miracle, a 40-year-old woman has been pulled out of rubble alive two months after the devastating earthquake in Pakistani Kashmir.

    After surviving 63 days Naqshi Bibi's muscles have withered away.

    Her brothers and father were injured when the quake struck their refugee camp and they left for hospital assuming that their sister and daughter Naqshi Bibi was dead.

    Two months after the quake, locals scavenged for bits of corrugated iron when a body was spotted in a cavity.

    Poked with a stick, the body moved slightly.

    She can hardly speak but can smile, witnesses say.
    What a miracle :dance: :dance:
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    Praise God!!!! Your body supposedly cannot surive over a week or so without water, let along this long! A true miracle indeed!
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    What a story!! Here is another article:

    Life returning to Pakistan miracle quake survivor (12/14/05 Yahoo News)


    Most of her muscles are withered, she cannot speak and she is mentally damaged but doctors believe the Kashmiri woman who survived 63 days under freezing rubble after Pakistan's deadly earthquake will live.

    Unmarried Naqsha looks a virtual corpse lying on her bed in the field hospital but doctors are hopeful she has every chance of recovering.

    "She is in a psychological trauma. She sometime smiles at us and she strives to utter a word but she cannot speak. We are watching her."

    The people tried to give her water and food but she could not swallow anything, Qayyum said.

    On Monday morning a German doctor who was vaccinating people in a nearby village was informed and he immediately advised shifting her to the hospital.

    "She was just skin and bones when she was brought here," Ahmed said.

    "Her jaw was tightly shut and we could not even take her temperature as the thermometer would not stay under the armpit due to wasted muscles."

    "She must have had access to water and food during the time she was under the rubble, otherwise it was not possible to survive without water and food for such a long time," he told reporters...

    More at link--http://au.news.yahoo.com/051214/19/x7vv.html

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