Women Wrestle in Mash Potatoes

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    Dec 19, 2006 6:56 pm US/Eastern

    Women Peel More Than Potatoes In Tavern

    (AP) BETHALTO, Ill. Some women at a tavern near this Metro East community took playing with their food to a new level last week by wrestling in mashed potatoes, and now the bar's owner is in hot legal water.

    Rhonda Cato, 48, was charged Monday with misdemeanor obscenity and violating the liquor code after what happened last Thursday at the Palace Tavern, where authorities say patrons grappled in a shallow, inflatable children's pool filled with mashed spuds.

    Cato, of Wood River, was charged because female participants allegedly pulled up each others' shirts as about 30 to 40 people watched during matches staged while the tavern's doors were locked, Madison County sheriff's Lt. Brad Wells said.

    "Basically, the clothing on the female bar patrons was being removed," Wells said.

    The tavern could be fined $1,000, lose its liquor license or have it suspended for up to 30 days if it's determined that the liquor license code was violated.

    The event was not advertised publicly but was billed on a dry-erase board at the bar, Wells said.

    The wrestlers could also face criminal charges, he said.

    Calls to the Palace Tavern on Tuesday morning went unanswered. Efforts to find a listed home telephone number for Cato were unsuccessful.

    Cato is free on $100 bond.


    :crazy: :crazy: Gives a whole new meaning to serving the holiday spuds! Wonder if any Grunting was involved at the bar:laugh:

    Happy Holidays
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    In college (when I weighed 1/3 what I do now!) I mud wrestled at a fraternity party rush. I recall that the grunting we did while flopping each other around in the mud in our swimsuits was considered a GOOD thing. There's just no accounting for taste. :)

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