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    PAYSON, Utah (AP) — Somebody who has a way with words has a chance at walking away with a sweet deal.
    The owners of Roe's Bake Shoppe on Main Street are sponsoring an essay contest and the winner gets their business.

    "We wanted to keep it going, it's really the heart of this little town," said Paul Penrod, 39. "So we thought, how could we keep it going without having to have all the overhead? And we thought, 'Let's give it away.'"

    Penrod, a former accountant, and wife Lolly bought the 60-year-old bakery with its brick facade, high ceilings and oak floors in 2002 and remodeled it, but the stress of full-time baking "wasn't what we expected."

    The couple tried to sell the store but didn't have any luck. That's when they settled on the more unconventional approach.

    Aspiring bakery owners have until July 1 to submit an essay of fewer than 300 words explaining "Why I want to own Roe's Bake Shoppe" along with a $100 entry fee. The winner will be chosen by a panel of 25 downtown merchants.

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