WV WV - Barbara Flake, 54, Jenkinjones, 9 April 2002

Discussion in 'Cold Cases' started by Perodicticus potto, Jul 2, 2013.

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    From the Bluefield (WV) Daily Telegraph:

    What I find odd is that the body found on Trussell Hollow is still listed as unidentified with NamUs (last reviewed in 2011). An administrative error? Or were the forensic anthropologist's findings not considered definitive?

    A later article on a possible suspect:

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    I know, that's really annoying. I've found at least four other UID cases on NamUs where the remains were already positively ID'd. One was a couple who died in a mobile home fire fairly recently; I googled for more info and found their names and ages and learned that they had been dropped off at the trailer by a relative shortly before the fire. The news article was dated the very next day after the fire. WTH? Sent the link to the case manager, and she responded that the info in the article was correct and those UID profiles would be de-activated.

    I think a gentle nudge via e-mail would probably get Ms. Flake's UID profile de-activated as well.

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