NOTGUILTY WV - Jerry Chesterfield, 31, shot to death, Fayetteville, 28 April 2005

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    Boone said five rounds were fired from what police said earlier was a semiautomatic weapon and that four struck Chesterfield.

    "He died as a result of being shot those four times," Boone added.

    When police arrived at the scene of the shooting on the night of April 28, Chesterfield was dead, Hess was still in the funeral home and five rounds of ammunition littered the floor, authorities said earlier.

    Although Hess was identified as the person who fired the shots, charges were not immediately filed to allow time for the investigation to flesh out certain details. State Police said at the time they were investigating allegations that Chesterfield had a history of domestic violence against his wife, Hess' daughter. They also said Hess, a lifelong Fayetteville resident and business leader, was not a flight risk.
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