Found Safe WV- Ronnie Grumbine, 58, Buckhannon, Upshur County, 30 August 2019

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    The Buckhannon Police Department is searching for a missing man.

    According to the city of Buckhannon, 58-year-old Ronnie Grumbine was last seen on August 30 at his home on Liggett Addition. Grumbine is possibly driving a Silver 2019 Toyota Tacoma with WV Handicap Registration plate of 37832.

    Grumbine is 5'10" with gray hair.

    Anyone with information about Grumbine are asked to contact the Buckhannon Police Department at 304.472.5723 or the Upshur County Comm Center at 304.472.9550.

    Buckhannon Police searching for missing man
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    He is still missing. Here is an updated article with more info:

    UPDATE: Buckhannon Police urges community to be on the look out for missing man

    Main points in the update:
    • Ronnie has been missing previously, but he always returned according to LE
    • Sighting on Route 30 in Lewis County on August 30th, at 7:20pm
    • Returned to his home at 8:20pm on August 30th, but took his truck and left again, according to LE.
    • LE does not know of any reason why Ronnie might be missing.
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