Found Deceased WY - Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito, 22, Grand Teton National Park, 25 Aug 2021 #13

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I tend to agree, although we have no idea what Brian’s mental state was at that point—it’s also possible (dare I say even likely) that if he harmed her (which we still don’t know) he probably wouldn’t have been thinking very clearly.

True. Judging by his subsequent actions he is not thinking clearly at all IMHO
In the timeline it says: "AUG 29 Elk hunters spot van"

My question:
1. Any specific info on WHERE and WHAT TIME the van was spotter Aug 29 by the elk hunters ?
2.Also do we know the identity of the elk hunters ?

At the bottom of the timeline post are links to new information for the updated timeline- under elks sighting is this link
Search intensifies for Gabby Petito; police respond to Laundrie home in Florida

KSL’s Garna Mejia actually ran into a local man who said he and a friend saw Petito’s van as they were spotting for elk on Aug. 29.

“He thought he had seen the white sprinter van described — blacked out rims, wheels,” said Tyler Valentine. “We all live in this small town, so when this stuff happens, we all take a little bit of initiative and try to look out for things.”

What’s interesting about Spread Creek is that Petito had marked the place as a possible camping area through the Dyrt website, something Valentine and his friend were unaware of when we spoke with them.
Re the tarp: Tarps are now available in many different colors, not just blue. You can find camo and brown tarps most anywhere and I have clear tarps that I wrap around my chicken run in the winter.

I’m not an expert, but it looks like the van would only have ac like we have in a regular car. Wouldn’t there be a be a box on top or somewhere for the AC for campers? Also, the couple stated that the van seemed deserted, so I take that to mean that it wasn’t running. Would it be too hot to be “chilling” in the van with doors and windows closed?

The position of the shoes seem to indicate she took them off before getting into the van, and if she took them off to change into boots, for example, seems like they would be pointed away from the van.

I do see a book, which would be a strange thing to leave on the ground, and maybe a glasses case on top.

That location doesn’t look to be an ideal place to camp. It looks more like a little pull in with not much room to pitch a tent.

This is exactly why I’m hoping there have been so many more valid tips given by others at GTNP who don’t have a large social media presence or don’t care to put it online. I was at this park this time last year, and it is consistently packed (according to rangers, after I asked if it’s always like this). I’m hoping they have loads of leads we just don’t know about. Just to give perspective: if you want campsite at Jenny Lake for the night, you need to arrive at 4am or earlier and are in line with other cars for hours. You will talk to those around you, it’s inevitable (unless you’re on an extremely remote hike).
i guess there's no registrations in those dispersed areas? So park service doesn't really know who camps where?
I wonder if Brian has at all considered the negative environmental impact of causing police to search for him. You know, since he won’t even drink from a single use plastic bottle.
I thought about his environmental beliefs when I heard that the mustang was his car. I used to have one and mustangs are very impractical (in terms of storage and carpooling) and gas guzzly cars for their size. Is the environmental interested new for BL? Or just an angle for the youtube career? MOO
Where was the tent in the video of their van at the campground? It looks like from other videos that they don’t both fit into the van together while sleeping. But I see no tent or even really room to set up a tent.
I thought the same thing. If we believe that BL was out camping on his own for several days, then maybe he took the tent and left Gabby to sleep in the van? It's not big enough for both but maybe just her?? BUT, then why did he tell Amanda Baker he was sleeping on a tarp? Also, these two didn't have double camping supplies to be able to split up.
I have a friend who has OCD that gets pretty upset when people use the term to describe being picky or very meticulous about cleanliness. According to her, it's very common for people to use the term lightly when she knows it to be debilitating. It's possible that Gabby was doing that, and had even been accused of being OCD by others because she was picky. She wouldnt necessarily have had to been diagnosed or on meds.

I was thinking along those lines, too. When she said she had OCD, I thought maybe she meant it as "I'm very tidy and particular about where things go and how clean my space is." And he's like "we've been camping for weeks, I'm dirty, my feet are dirty... guess what? our van's going to be dirty too." And another fight ensued.

Is that a pair of sunglasses on top of the book?
And why is there only 1 flip flop? I have zoomed in and out and only see 1. Both BL and GP wear that style but GP have the thinner top straps like in this pic. No one is walking in just 1 flip flop or just bringing 1 flip flop inside the van. Can anyone else find both?
i guess there's no registrations in those dispersed areas? So park service doesn't really know who camps where?

But it would be hard to not run into others, even so. The couple said all the dispersed spots were taken. To get to remote hikes would mean going through more populated areas, imo.
No, it actually was an empty van, which is why they continued driving…

I had briefly considered the couple having jointly staged a huge hoax, too, to get a massive surge of Tik Toc followers— but the facts aren’t really pointing to that and LE might have considered, then dismissed it…

LE don't seem to have any leads at all
So, the most recent Red White & Bethune Youtube vid that shows the van... the van has stickers, but not as many as in other more recent photographs(?). Does Laundrie really seem as though he'd be the type of guy who would be attentive to stickering had he been involved in something horrific/tragic? He does not, to me. And, remember, it's probably not likely that he even knew that there was any documentation of the van in that camp. To me, this suggests that Petito - who, to me, seems far more likely the sticker aficionado, placed the stickers on the van subsequent to RW&B's vid.
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Would lawyer say to keep totally mum if they broke up, so he flew back to FL, and he then got a call from her telling him to take the van, so he returned, driving it back to FL. Possible she said she’s with someone else. Though van in her name, chances good they pooled resources for it and she might have owed him money and do she told him to take it.
Now that she’s totally disappeared, his lawyer is saying better to say nothing. Probably was good advice before this went viral. Now, he probably should cough up last contact info.
No idea if he is in hiding or harmed himself over the public notoriety he now has. He certainly wasn’t worried about GP’s safety at time he left her
Hi new to the site. From the uk and have a van with my husband. Ours is much larger (long wheel base crafter) and we find the space just about manageable we also have a shower and toilet which makes it a lot easier. We looked at the YouTube footage and can see sandals and a book and maybe a reusable water bottle on top of the book. Finding this whole case very odd, they’re both so young but even so if he deserted her why not help LE earlier to potentially save her life, haven’t got a good feeling about it at all IMO.
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