Identified! WY - Sweetwater Co., Female UP11331, in Green River, Dec'81 - Name not found

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    NamUs UP # 11331

    Unidentified Female Partial Left Leg and Foot (Race Unsure)

    Found on December 14, 1981 in Sweetwater County WY

    Vital Statistics
    Approx Age: 20-45 years
    Height (inches) 61, Estimated

    Body Condition:
    Not recognizable - Partial remains with soft tissues - PARTIAL LEFT LEG AND FOOT
    Estimated postmortem interval 3 Weeks​

    On 12-14-81, The remains of a left leg and foot were located approximately 6.3 miles south of Green River WY, US 530 near a picture turnout.​

    Fingerprints: Not available
    Dentals: Not Available
    DNA: Samples submitted - Tests not complete (University of North Texas Ref 13-1395 Lab ORI TX220035Y) ​
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    This new addition appears to be a pretty good possible match to this UID left leg and foot.

    Nancy Ann Sellers

    The timeframe (About 7 months) might be a little long if tissues are still present.

    But the location (Near Green River WY) is right, the estimated height (61") matches, and her age (25) is within range (20-45).

    This one will probably be resolved though when the DNA works its way through the process.
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    Corrected link: NamUs UP # 11331

    I notice this case has been removed. Possibly s/he has been identified.

    There is another MP from the immediate area who is a good biodata match and very good timing match to the UID and has DNA available. Both her entry and Ms. Sellers' entry are still up on NamUs at present. Given that the UID's remains are only partial, the MP entries might not be taken down even if the remains are identified as one or the other.

    Amber Elizabeth Scholz
    Missing since November 8, 1981 from Rock Springs, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

    North American Missing Persons Network: Amber Elizabeth Scholz

    NamUs MP # 9573

    The Charley Project: Amber Elizabeth Scholz

    The Doe Network: Case File 24DFWY

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