You Are Not Ugly! Free Portraits Offered Now

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    JACKSONVILLE, FL -- How many women feel beautiful while they're fighting cancer?

    How many men feel good about their looks during a battle with cancer?

    Some do. Most probably don't.

    But professional photographer Marie Moran says the journey through cancer is worth documenting.

    She is offering to take professional portraits of anyone fighting any type of cancer--for free.

    Marie is dealing with cancer herself. Her breast cancer has spread. But she's not getting sucked under.

    Instead, she's fired up about her idea to give people a special gift.

    Some of her photos are wild, some conservative.
    Whatever a cancer patient wants, she honors. People can choose to pose with their spouses, as well.

    Marie has a series of photos showing her journey.
    Some are definitely on the zany side.

    Zany, but fun.
    more @ link.

    click on hair art at this link and you can see some of the photos
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    That's a great thing for her to offer. She is beautiful in all the pictures.
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    What a beautiful woman regardless of hair or gone...A great service she is offering to other cancer sufferers.

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