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MARYSVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – There’s a money mystery in Marysville, Ohio, after tens of thousands of dollars were found in a couple of bathrooms around the city.

Updated: May 6, 2024 / 10:27 AM MDT
A bear is believed to have dragged the body of a western Massachusetts crash victim out of his car on Sunday, State Police say.

Investigators say 31-year-old Daniel Ducharme, of South Hadley, was likely killed as a result of the crash on Route 91 south in Hatfield. Police said the evidence suggests he was "either fully ejected or partially ejected and later dragged from the car by the bear."

A woman who had been living inside a Michigan grocery store rooftop sign for a year has been asked to leave

When contractors were working on the Family Fare grocery store in Midland, they unexpectedly found a woman, 34, living inside the rooftop sign.
The woman, who police nicknamed the "Rooftop Ninja," lived inside the store sign for about a year, Warren said. Inside her dwelling, she had a mini desk, flooring, a pantry of food and even a houseplant.


A forecast map for Tuesday shows the line of visibility (in red) extending across the Pacific Northwest, Upper Midwest, Great Lakes and far Northeast.
You can keep yourself updated on aurora visibility
New Yorkers eat a lot of pizza. They eat so much pizza that the dish warrants its own recycling bin.

Ahead of the summer season, Central Park now has a pizza box recycling bin in a busy area adjacent to the Great Lawn, The Central Park Conservancy announced. The pilot program is part of the citywide attempt to curb its rat population.

The new bin was "specifically designed" for the shape of pizza boxes, the non-profit organization responsible for park maintenance said.

"The traditional circular waste bins are simply not designed to accommodate the boxes, leading to jammed cans that can attract rodents," Central Park Conservancy spokesperson Kat Brady added. "On a warm busy day, the Conservancy can remove more than 100 boxes in this area of the Park alone."



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DARTMOUTH - Students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth got an amazing graduation gift from their commencement speaker Thursday. Billionaire Robert Hale surprised more than 1,100 graduates with $1,000 each.

"Each of you is getting $1,000 cash right now," he said.

Gift comes with one "catch"


SFPD is still looking for the five people inside the white sedan that launched through the Sanchez Street dead end on Saturday. Two angles of video show the car crash. A 3rd angle shows three people walk away from the scene, one of them looks to have a bloodied face.

it's very crazy what type of *advertiser censored* we see on here on the YT on any of the plat forms its crazy how they show the worse and the horrible things that should not be. What get me is the speculations rumors and the lies about many of these cases...

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