"You're in a car going off a bridge -- you think you're done"

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    But at least 55 feet deep in the Willamette River, she began to think she might survive her 60-foot fall from the Morrison Bridge in downtown Portland. She struggled to release her seat belt and got to the water's surface.

    She could hear cheers from a crowd along the river wall. Floating on her back in the fast current to save energy, she also heard sirens.

    "They've got to be coming for me," she told herself. "Please let them be coming for me."

    They were.

    People were amazed she survived Saturday and surprised that by Sunday -- bruised and scratched and hurting but not seriously injured -- she walked out of OHSU Hospital.

    No one was more surprised than Borgaard, 31, that she kept her wits in what was, even in a city of bridges, a spectacular event.

    The legal secretary talked about her fears and near-drowning Sunday, both to thank her rescuers and to tell the world she is a good driver who was aware of the traffic around her, was not speeding, was alone in the car and was not distracted by talking to her sister, Alicia, on her hands-free phone about dinner plans as she drove to a downtown hair appointment.

    "It was no different than if she had been sitting next to me," she said.

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    Its great the story to have a happy ending, for a change.
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    Ooooh! This was my WORST fear as a child...I can't count the
    car/bridge/water nightmares I used to have.
    I'm SO very glad this gal survived!!!:)

    Love ,


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