Zach Adams on trial for the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo Sept 18, 2017 graphic

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:seeya: Good Morning, Y'all !

I never thought this day would come !

Below are links to MSM sites who have covered the Holly Bobo case ... not certain which ones will have live streaming YET and coverage of Zach Adams' Trial ... but will update this list as soon as we have more info.

And please add to the list if you see any other sites covering the Trial that are not listed below ! TIA !
Chris Conte w/ NewsChannel 5
Nick Beres w/ NC5

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"Am I the only one that does not think the defense counsel is stupid or inept?" This was on the closed thread....but it is an interesting comment and frankly in answer to the you are not. Over the weekend I watched some of the pretrial hearings and I can't even believe this made it to trial...but one thing that really stands out is how this defense attorney has been shut down at every single turn by the judge and sort of steamrolled in court. I think we may well be surprised.
Nicks say state was interviewing a potential new witness over the weekend....hum.
In every single photo from over the years from the courtrooms...Holly's family and friends etc. is every young lady in the area a blonde?
Chris Conte‏Verified account @chrisconte 2m2 minutes ago
Will the prosecution rest their case today in the #hollybobo murder trial? They seemed to indicate that could be the case
From the article:
"According to affiliate reports, Adams was held on a $1 million bond, accused of holding a gun to Amber Bray's head and threatening to "gut" her."

Somehow I forgot all about this!

when you go back ZA had such a history that is it a sad commentary on the "system" that he was on the street...he seemed well connected and able to beat the system with the help of his granddad
Oops - I thought you were gone Harmony! :D
Conte thinks they could have a verdict by Thurs. night...I would have to disagree with that...I think he totally under estimates the defense attorney. Based on the history of this case I think we will have some surprises this week and I know the judge wants to move it...unless the defense just brings only one or two witnesses that could not happen. I would be concerned if I were defense that these jurors are basically no different than those from Parsons so from that respect verdict could be quick.
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