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    Not really wanting to start a new thread but it seemed like I saw something.

    #1 I haven't seen the movie or read the book.
    #2 Just working what I saw
    #3 Had a thought

    What if he wasn't a crypto guy and he wanted to make something, he thought, was orginal. What if he just wanted to make it close but not too easy.
    I looked a little bit earlier in the year, at the "ciphers", and thought why not look how I would do it.
    I'm not that smart, but I'll look anyway.
    I looked at the "symbols" and thought that anyone that would shoot or stab someone can't be that smart.
    OK, I went for the big one. The 340.
    I set up in Excel each line from the 340 and started...
    Before I started, I put into an array what I thought the "symbol" was hiding. If it was a "K" I put down a "K", If it looked like an "N", I put down an "N"
    If it looked like an "O" and a "T", I put down both.
    Ok the first line said "HER....."
    "What the F.."
    But what if the letters were just close, just 1 letter off. I reset the array to include 1 off of what seemed to be the text.
    I then had e.g. an "A" as what was shown, a "Z" and a "B" to consider.
    Time to do a word search.....

    The first thing was "WLM TEL PLS YEW" [It was late that nignt]
    Took another look the next morning. Saw a couple of possible phrases.
    The one that caught me was "A DOPE LOVE JOAN" WHAT????
    Need another look...

    When someone would look at the [cipher] code, the "O's" contain a "8", so why not just include and "E" in the array.
    Another WOW!!!

    Wait a minute, it couldn't be that simple.....

    If you include all the "8's" as "E's" and make sure they are part of the words formed the you get....

    Strange....I wouldn't either...

    Ok that's one...

    Maybe its just a fluke..

    Lets try a little longer letter using the same perceptions...

    "BUS BOMB"

    Without going into detail about it all, but [I used something from the 340 here, every solid square was followed by an "O", I figured it was a mistake. Who would want to re-write this, blot out and go] here is what I saw.



    I did look on the map supplied to find out if IOI could mean 101, and that "DALY" could mean "Daly City".

    Another WOW!!!

    Any Comments??

    BTW...The 408 looks as if it was a big guess. IMHO
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    I too think he was giving directions in the cards as well...Look at "Ass is a dragon"
    'gas a road sis N' or 'N is a roads gas' or 'N is a road as gas; here is one on word play:
    'North is a sages road'
    these aren't coincidence either, in MHO.

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