Zoo death raises safety concerns

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    Handler killed by jaguar may have let down her guard amid heavy workload

    The zookeeper who was fatally attacked by a 140-pound jaguar at the Denver Zoo on Saturday was a 27-year-old woman from New Mexico.
    Ashlee Pfaff, who was described as an experienced handler, died from injuries to her neck, spinal column and spinal cord, according to the Denver medical examiner's office.


    David Nickolaus, a former Denver Zoo zookeeper, said he briefly met Pfaff just before leaving his job in August 2005 for safety reasons. While there, he said, he was among several zookeepers who raised concerns that their heavy workloads compromised safety. "They just have keepers running back and forth," he said. "They're not able to be as careful because they're just under so much pressure."

    According to another article, it happened at 11:30 am on Saturday, and a zoo visitor was the one to raise the alarm. So, it was obviously visible to the public. I hope no kids saw it :eek: That would just make this sad story even worse.
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