zoo offers VIP visitors opportunity to eat exhibits

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    VIP guests at the grand opening of the night safari zoo in northern Thailand will not only be able to see exotic animals - they'll have a chance to taste them.
    The Chiang Mai Night Safari Zoo will have its official opening on New Year's Day, and the Exotic Buffet marking the event will include tiger, lion, elephant and giraffe, said Plodprasop Suraswadi, director of the zoo project.

    "The VIP guest who pay 4,500 baht (the equivalent of $130 Cdn) for the buffet will have the privilege of tasting an exotic menu, ranging from dog meat...to lion meat from Africa," Plodprasop said.

    Critics have lambasted the idea, saying it will encourage wildlife trafficking in a country and region already notorious for smuggling tiger parts, bear claws and endangered species for Chinese delicacies, traditional medicines and pets.

    "Serving rare animals on the table confirms that Thailand is ignoring policies for wildlife preservation," said Wildlife Fund Thailand secretary Suraphol Duangkae.

    "Thailand's image is already bad for trading animals and being a transit and laundering point (for smugglers)," Suraphol said.


    **When I was on a business trip to Thailand we were served Tiger Penis :eek: but I didn't know what it was... till later :sick:
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    :behindbar :behindbar :behindbar No comment-
    but the penis thang, well what can I say.

    Once I was at Coney Island, as an adult and I saw a Giant Weiner, and I didn't know.....till someone told me :confused: after I ate it.....:blushing:

    Gozgals...GOBBLE GOBBLE
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    This just makes me ill.

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