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    Smile The Smallest Dog

    Chihuahua may be world's smallest dog

    LEESBURG -- Meet tiny Dancer, a rust-colored, long-haired Chihuahua that may just be the world's smallest dog, weighing 18 ounces and standing not much more than 4 inches tall.

    Dancer's owner, Jenny Gomes, said the diminutive Lake County canine may be on his way to being named the world's smallest living dog by Guinness World Records.


    I figured you were starting to miss my animal stories, this one even has video.

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    How cute. I once had a chihuaha named Tiger who wasn't too much larger than Tiny Dancer.

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    awwww...... how adorable.. what a lucky li'l guy! that's funny that some man offered her $5000 for him.... geez, how ridiculous... hello.... just go down to any local humane society and find yourself another tiny dog... believe me you'll have hundreds to choose from.. who are all facing euthanasia and looking for a home!

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    timetravel is offline care giver of all stray and feral cats who come my way.
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    way to go reb.....i heartily agree - i was having trouble accessing the video by the by - it kept saying You're video is loading....and then a sports vid keeps popping on...not a commercial, either.....but the picture was adorable....

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