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    IL - Woman gets 6 years for punching 2 year old


    PEORIA — Calling the actions of Keosha Thompson “reprehensible” and “egregious,” a judge sentenced the 20-year-old to six years in prison today for punching her daughter in the stomach after the toddler refused to listen to her.

    Good for this judge its about time they put someone away for long that really deserves it.

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    Wow, that wasn't just a punch ... she had internal injuries.

    The judge noted the injuries suffered by the little girl, then 2, and how they were equivalent to forces from a traffic accident. He wondered aloud if the child would ever be the same again, all the while Thompson, who has consistently said in court she wants to see her child again, nervously tapped her right leg.

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    Earth To Idiot: Kids Are Not Punching Bags!

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    I hope she gets punched around in prison. She will know what it feels like then!!! I just dont get it you know she knew it was wrong when she did it!!! She needs help!!!

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