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    100 Yr Old Sex Offendedr

    A 100 yr old sex offender is unrepentant and is still a threat to society.


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    Why did they let him out? He has already said he isnt gonna change so that means he is a threat to himself and others ?? I thought they could keep crazy sick people until they got better even if they dont know they are sick?
    He looks like the old man from the movie UP.

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    Dear Lord! What a dirty old creep!
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaLaw2000 View Post
    Dear Lord! What a dirty old creep!

    I opened this link because it said he was 100 years old and I did not believe he can still get it up, I really did not.
    I actually thought I'd be reading something kinky like he used a cucumber or something....or his hands shake so badly the person equated his hands to a vibrator.... Or some other ridicules article....

    but then I read that he was let free....and said he will never change....and he is a known SO

    But according to King, Sypnier can still walk for miles, and live on his own, and he remains defiant in counseling sessions.

    King explained, "He has been adamant that, 'I'm 100, and I'm not gonna change.'"
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    Women are Angels.
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    we simply continue to fly... on a broomstick.

    We're flexible like that.

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    In the State of Denial
    Oh My Word!! How sick...

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    Okay - this story just grosses me out - why the hel? didn't he just die. Common on! Get it over with..... Not many people live to be 100 - why did he? I hope a bolt of lightening gets him - SOON!


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    Only the good die young....

    At 100, I doubt he will change his colors. I still can't believe even as I read this again that a 100 year old man would offend. They need to keep an eye on this old perv..

    As long as he can move, he can molest someone. How freakin' creepy.


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    Maybe they just need to cut off his supply of viagra.

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    And a parole board thought he had what redeeming factors? I sure can't see any?! Sheesh!

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    Wonder if he was around age 90 when he molested the 4 children or if it had happened some years before? People think old folks are cute and innocent, but they're not all that way. He could be sitting on some porch and lure a child over to him before he finally kicks the bucket.

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