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    Found Deceased AL - John Douglas Fredd, 92, Tuscaloosa, 26 September 2018

    Did he have a car? He had a cane so I don't think he did much walking.
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    VA VA - Arieanna Day, 3 months, Roanoke, 12 September 2018 *Charges dropped*

    Oh no. I'm hoping she contacted him and others thinking she could get the baby back home safely. I really hope she didn't have anything to do with this.
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    TX - Botham Shem Jean, 26, killed when police officer entered wrong apartment, Dallas, Sept 2018

    Not saying this is true in this case, but people do have relations/ relationships with people their family do not know about. I've done it myself.
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    Found Safe CT - Jennifer Cubillos, 33, Andres, 43, Samantha, 11 & Christopher Bravo, 14, Naugatuck, 11 Aug 2018

    If it's one of the major banks, the could just find the same bank in a new location. For a smaller, or local bank, the would have to find a new one. Credit cards you sign for, but a lot of people use debit cards that you can sign or use a pin.
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    Found Deceased AZ - Kiera Bergman, 19, Glendale, 4 August 2018 *Arrest*

    I wonder if JC made a plea deal and told where the body was.
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    Found Deceased FL – Jordan Belliveau, 2, Largo, 1 SEP 2018 *ARREST*

    Really interesting comment from LM 55 minutes ago.
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    VA - Jholie Moussa, 16, Fairfax County, 12 Jan 2018 *Arrest*

    Did anyone hear the press conference?