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    2011.05.27 TRIAL Day Four (Afternoon Session)

    Yes it is....and I would have to agree.....when you have to think about what you have to say....thats a bad sign IMO.
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    2009.06.19 Autopsy Report Released

    I think statement is way for Dr. G to rule out she died of medical reasons and then was dumped like trash. "NO KNOWN MEDICAL HISTORY" just means there was nothing medically wrong with her, that would lead to her death.
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    2009.06.19 Autopsy Report Released

    Page three of this part of the report, for me, is reason enough for the Death Penalty. This poor baby was ripped apart and eaten by animals all because her mother wanted to party. I hope GA and CA choke on this report.:furious:
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    2009.06.19 Autopsy Report Released

    One detail strikes me as very interesting....the fact that there were "SEVERAL LAYERS" of duct tape over the mandible, not just one. I always felt that the duct was placed after she was dead to fake a kidnapping, after reading this I dont feel that way. Why else would you need "SEVERAL LAYERS"...
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    2009.05.01 Document Release: "FBI FORENSIC REPORT" ONLY!

    Good point. I was thinking the same thing, are the boots included in this report. IMO, she wouldnt have worn flip flops into the woods after the flooding, there would be too much mud, she probably would have put some type of boots on:waitasec::waitasec:
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    2009.04.22 & 2009.04.23 GA & CA Excl. Intvw: CBS The Early Show (Inc. Outtakes)

    I was just able to watch the interview, and its a disgusting attempt at being human. I think the part the disgusted me the most was the following statement by CA: "Casey was Caylee's Mom, Caylee was her #1 priority, I was JUST the Grandma" Uttery pathetic..IMO of course.
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    2009.04.09 - George Anthony Deposition (video link included)

    I have to agree.....the anger George has is more towards himself, for being so damn clueless for so long. He is embaressed he cant answer the simplest of questions when it comes to Casey, he didnt have a relationship with her at all, so how is he suppose to know anything.
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    Zanny's White Dog

    Cindy is a until someone produces an audio/video of Cindy asking poor Caylee about a white dog belonging to Zanny....I will not believe it. This proves she will do and say just about anything to cast reasonable doubt in the minds of the public.
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    2009.04.09 - George Anthony Deposition (video link included)

    :clap::clap::clap:Couldnt agree more:clap::clap: IMO. JVM shouldnt have her own show until she learns how to intro, segway (sp) , and close a topic. She is the worst..IMO of course
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    2009.04.09 Cindy's Deposition

    Yup...and IMO they already knew at the time that Caylee was dead!
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    Globe IDs Caylee's Daddy as Josh O. (deceased)

    Eye color really has nothing to do with parents have dark brown and my sister and I have blue...go figure. BTW Caylee is stated as having Hazel eyes.
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    2009.04.09 Cindy's Deposition

    Imagine if you walked into a Target one day, just like any other day, and by the end of that day you were being questioned by police about the kidnapping of a child you didnt know. Imagine now, your name was broadcast over the entire country, as well as your picture, for months on end, and your...
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    2009.04.09 - George Anthony Deposition (video link included)

    IMO George's attitude during this depo has to do the simple fact he is embaressed and ashamed that he had no clue what was going under his own roof for the past few years. He had no relationship with his daughter at all, so is it no wonder he cant answer 99% of the questions. The sympathy...
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    Deposition Questions that could be telling for the Anthony's

    The only thing that these depo's show is the complete disregard the Anthony family has for the legal system. They feel they can play by their own rules and get away with it. Even if they dont agree or were upset with the questioning they should have showed more respect for themselves and the...
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    WFTV - STRICKLAND filed complaint against Baez!

    Unbelievable.....truely unbelievable.