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    MA - Lizzie Borden: Axe murders, Fall River, 4 Aug 1892

    I feel the exact same way Jack!
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    Amy Winehouse dead at 27

    Oh wow wfgodot,the thanks button was not good enough! I believe that you are so correct,and I heard it before with other celebrities. Get high! Do drugs! They bring out your inner soul and you can create great music!! Of course there are the strong ones that can do it for a while,and then...
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    Amy Winehouse dead at 27

    She was a troubled soul....
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    2011.07.09 - Per Mason, Casey is not going home

    Your thoughts are good kimster. But I can see why she doesn't want to return home..... The family now knows there's no truth to the crazy zanny story,they also know there is no truth to the drowning George cover ups and abused her they will want to know the real truth....and I think...
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    2011.06.30 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Two)

    yeah..I don't get that.:waitasec: Even OJ was escorted out immediately during his trial...(and you know how important HE was.) ETA: Wait a minute! The quote button picked up the wrong post. It was a reply to momtective's post about why ICA can hang around after the session is done for the day...
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    What did we learn today 6-30-2011

    heehee...I needed that Steely!:floorlaugh:
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    What did we learn today 6-30-2011

    I learned that the reason they keep putting Cindy and George on the stand is because they just want to see them cry. How much more can these people take,before they break.:sick:
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    2011.06.20 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Twenty-three)

    Now That's funny!!:floorlaugh:
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    Did Casey Act Alone? Poll

    Casey did the dirty deed all on her own,and is now trying to put the blame on anyone she can, and and i mean ANYONE. She is one sick puppy.
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    UT-Army Dugway Proving Grounds on Lockdown

    Funny Nova! Also if it was a harmless agent,why the lockdown?
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    Oprah to reveal HUGE secret on Monday

    But,but,but.....I thought she was going to keep this "secret" for her Monday show.Why tell it before hand on her website,now many won't watch the show on Monday. That doesn't make sense,I'll bet it's a different "secret" she'll reveal on her show. Still too dramatic for me.
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    Oprah to reveal HUGE secret on Monday

    I'm sorry...but Oprah is way too dramatic for me! I'm sure it's not all that exciting...just something to get her network OWN on the road. Just like her overrated interview with Piers Morgan,I'm sure it will be anti climatic. it's all about PR folks...all about PR.