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    I am married with 6 children and 2 grandchildren.

    I LOVE music, especially rock. I am a huge Bon Jovi fan.


    ~~ Donna ~~

    **Collective I.Q. of YARN I tell you**

    ***Mason: “When you looked at the pictures, was the mandible [jawbone] there or not?"
    Garavaglia: “The mandible was there. It was there on x-ray and it was there in pictures.”
    Mason: “Who placed the mandible there?”
    Garavaglia: “God.” ***

    ***Mason returned to the possibility of drowning. Garavaglia replied that she had never seen a drowning with duct tape on the lower half of the face. “There’s no reason why a child that’s drowned is put in a plastic bag and dumped on the side of the road,” Garavagalia said.

    ***JB to Murdock :"Sir you're not a piece of duct tape are you? So you can't say your brand is my brand can you, sir"?***

    ***"I don't/can't remember/recall"*** Dr. Spitz

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